Life is funnier than jokes...


redneck packrat
SMH-inducing, slapstick, whatever.... real life can be as entertaining as a comedy show if you keep an eye out.

Today was go-to-town day. One of my stops was to look at an old galvanized cistern that I saw advertised for sale. Didn't get it, was rusted out all around the bottom. Offered the seller about a third of his ask for it just because for THAT I'd have taken the time to fix it. He turned it down, and one of his hands said "Boss if ya can't sell it, I kin make a grill out of it." Boss asked if he was sure about that since it was galvanized and the kid said yeah, that don't matter.... Seller looked at him and shook his head and said, "naw, it won't hurt you none, you're ALREADY stupid. But think about your kids, man!"


redneck packrat
Got a cat who's been a frequent visitor at suppertime. Beautiful critter, medium, to long coat, gray and white, highly intelligent eyes and expression. Not a bad cat to have around, as we've never had a problem with having this one around. Hangs out on the porch, waits for the bowl that goes out for our cats. This one has finally let me into the inner circle of its comfort zone, and after doing the Croc Dundee test, I ascertained he is in fact a 'him'. So, then ensued this exchange between my sweet blonde wife and me:

Her: We need to name him, if only so we know who we're talking about besides calling him "that tomcat"

Me: Ok, how about Harry....with an i?

Her, looking at me funny: H-a-r-r-i? You know it's a boy!

Me: Noooo..... just one R

Her, really puzzled now: H-a-r-i? That's even girlier than two R's.

Me, not able to hold a straight face any longer: No, darling.... H-a-i-r-y.

(I didn't get swatted then, but I will when the news of me sharing the story gets out :rofl:)