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Dem Rep. Jacobs: ‘Truth Commission’ Needed on Racial Injustice to Establish a Common Narrative

PAM KEY15 Feb 20211,468

Representative Sara Jacobs (D-CA) on Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that America needed a truth commission to establish a common narrative on racial injustice and white supremacy.

Jacobs said, “We know the violence on the 6th was predicated on the idea of the big lie, the fact that this election was stolen, despite the fact that Donald Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security says it was not. You need to be able to perpetuate that kind of lie in order to get the kinds of reactions that you did. I think we need to look at far-right media, which I know, Brian, you have been such a leader on calling out. Also, the role of social media and the whole ecosystem of social media where the kinds of information and the kinds of posts that get the biggest reactions are the ones prioritized by their algorithms.”

She added, “Lots of countries, lots of places have ideologies that are extreme, people who have ideologies that are extreme have conflict, have disagreements within their community. But there are only some areas where that actually turns into violence, and that’s the role of conflict entrepreneurs — or in other words, leaders.”

Anchor Brian Stelter said, “In the case of the United States, it’s about a ‘whitelash,’ a white Christian America reaction, backlash, to a changing, country personified by Trump. But none of this is going away now, even though the trial is over and even though one phase of Trumpism is over. You also said in an interview with the 19th News website this week that the country needs a truth commission. What exactly would a truth commission be?”

Jacobs said, “We haven’t really done the reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past that we need to do. So a truth commission — a lot of people will think of South Africa. We have used them in countries around the world. Basically, what it is is its communities all the way up to the national level having conversations about both the gory and the glory of our history and what happened, both throughout the history of our country and leading up to and on January 6, that we can come to a common narrative, moving forward, of what we want our country to be.”


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Dr. Sebastian Gorka Explains How to Fight Cancel Culture: ‘You Must Not Buckle Under’
Sebastian Gorka (Mark WIlson / Getty)
Mark Wilson/Getty Images
MATTHEW BOYLE14 Feb 2021Washington, DC362

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a former senior aide to former President Donald Trump, explained in a wide-ranging interview last week how he has faced cancel culture, how to fight back against it, and why the left and establishment practices it against Trump supporters.

Appearing on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel with editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, Gorka — who now hosts America First on Salem Radio Networks — laid out first the reasoning why the left and political establishment seeks to shut down voices like his.

“We could write a book about this. I don’t kiss and tell, but you’ve been on this issue from the get go. I’ve been very honest about it publicly,” Gorka told Marlow. “It’s the reason I left the White House and it was Breitbart that published my resignation letter. I told the president at the time, you literally have anti-MAGA forces in ascendance. At the time, it was H.R. McMaster and it was General Kelly who were pushing me out of the building. And I told the president, ‘There is no way I am going to pick up a $160,000 pay check from the taxpayer just to be boxed out of meetings by people who hate me and the president. I can better serve you on the outside.’ He agreed and now I have a national radio show, three million listeners, and we’re fighting the good fight. But at the end of the day, this isn’t really a function of any incompetence by the president, it’s a function of the swamp. What is the conclusion that has to be drawn from the experience of people who are pro-MAGA and work for the president? The left, the establishment, the mainstream media, the RINO class, want to make it impossible for good people to represent the forgotten men and women of America. They want to make your life impossible.”

Gorka said that he does not mind attacks against him personally, but when people attack his family, that crosses the line. He cited the example of Disney canceling Gina Carano, the star actress from The Mandalorian, over social media posts that she published commenting on the state of society and noted that similar tactics have been used against any talented people who may want to work for Trump or other effective Republicans.

“Look, I don’t mind being attacked, that’s fine, but when they come after your wife, when they attack my teenage son, it has one purpose: To make sure good people don’t get involved in representing this nation,” Gorka said. “So I’m not involved in choosing the president’s lawyers, but I’ll tell you one thing: How many law firms would actually risk representing Donald Trump? I talk national security, but I woke to this Gina Carano story. Seriously, a woman who speaks the truth — absolutely speaks the truth about the left’s attempts to dehumanize their fellow Americans — is canceled by Disney? It’s the same effect of a lawyer wanting to work for Donald Trump. It is an attempt to attack and create an environment where good people will simply keep their heads down.”

Gorka then recounted a story from his daughter’s time in college and her senior year when he worked for President Trump. “My children who are now grown will admit that the tribulations that we went through as a family during my time in the White House as a supporter of the president have truly made them stronger human beings,” Gorka said. “I am convinced as their father that their value system is all the more robust for what they witnessed happened to us and to them personally. Read the first chapter of my book The War for America’s Soul. What happened to my daughter in her last year in college was simply a function of her last name.”

What happened was leftists on campus made posters with his daughter’s face falsely claiming she was a white supremacist and then plastered them all around campus. When he showed up for her graduation that year, at least one leftist falsely accused Gorka of being a Nazi.

“So because she was a Gorka, because she volunteered to work with some of the professors who created something called the Churchill Institute to propagate the values of western civilization — that’s in their mandate — she had posters with her face put up across the campus and on social media saying this girl is the face of white supremacy,” Gorka said. “That was just weeks before her graduation. Then when I was there for the graduation, I had a girl come up after we had celebrated my daughter getting her diploma and, in front of witnesses, call me an ‘effing Nazi’ because I work for Trump.”

Gorka, who was born in London to parents who fled Hungary after the failed revolution in 1956 against Soviet control but then later served in Hungary as a Ministry of Defence adviser after the fall of communism, compared the bending of America’s will toward cancel culture to efforts of a Soviet dictator in Hungary to slowly break someone’s spine.

“This is the reality, but let me tell you a story which puts it into perspective,” Gorka said. “During the Cold War, the Warsaw Pact had various levels of persecution and sovietization. The harshest were of course the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Romania. Those were the really kind of absolute worst of the worst. Others, like Hungary, kind of dialed back a little on the Stalinist nature of the regime. By the 1970s, Hungary was called the ‘Goulash Communism.’ You weren’t allowed to go to Paris for the holidays, but you could go to Yugoslavia. You still had political prisoners, you still had a one-party state, but they just dialed it back a little bit. There’s a story that’s associated with then-dictator Janos Kadar, where somebody was lambasting him for not having a hard Stalinist line and he said — and who knows whether it happened or not — he said ‘my friend, it is far easier to bend the human spine slowly with time than to try to snap it with one move.’ That, that is what you are giving in to when you say, ‘I’m just going to get my head down, I’m just going to send checks to the local Republican candidate, but I’m not going to say anything and not going to do politics on social media.’ Guess what? You’ve already surrendered, that’s what you’ve done.”

Gorka said establishment media figures and top Democrats from President Joe Biden’s administration like Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are doing the same thing to the general public in the United States right now.

“Look at what is happening right now in America. We have not just Jake Tapper on CNN using the phrase, ‘MAGA terrorism,’ we have the Department of Homeland Security issuing their first terrorism warning memorandum after the election targeting those who disagreed with the results of the election or who questioned them,” Gorka said. “We have the new Secretary of Defense, an absolute disgrace to the uniform he once wore, Lloyd Austin, talking about the ‘enemies’ in the ranks of the military who shut down our military for 60 days while he reviews the level of extremist penetration into our ranks. I guarantee you one thing, none of the extremists that SecDef Austin will find will be members of Antifa or BLM who took the lives of 40 people in the riots last year, half of them black like he is. This is the reality of America today and if you don’t talk out about it — you don’t have to have a national radio show, you don’t need to be editor-in-chief of the most influential conservative website. But if you’re an American and you care about the freedoms upon which it was built and for which Americans died and bled, and you don’t say the truth you are complicit and you are making the dehumanization of your fellow man all the more possible. That’s the crux of the matter.”

Hope is not all lost in America, though, Gorka said. Conservatives and Trump supporters and Americans across the board can fight back against cancel culture in much the same way he did with an example from this past week when a leftist employed at a major law firm in New York City sent him disparaging messages on Twitter.

“This Sunday, on my Twitter feed, my direct messages are open — that means anybody can direct message me if they wish to,” Gorka said. “That’s how you can keep in touch. Sunday, somebody who has a Twitter account in his own name… sent me the following messages, ‘I’m going to piss on your grave and send the photographs to your children.’ We did a little bit of research and found out who this person is and we verified where he works. He’s an accountant for one of the biggest accounting companies in New York and I proceed to message him back. I don’t say I’m going to piss on his grave, but as soon as I respond to him and I make it clear I know who he is, he blocks me from his account, he makes it private, and then he deletes it.”

Then, Gorka reached out to the man’s employer and asked about it. The CEO of the company apologized and disavowed what the man said, and apparently convened an all-hands company meeting to discuss what happened and what to do about it. Gorka said the man is no longer employed.

“I immediately dig up the email for his boss at Marcum LLP in New York and I send him the screenshots of the now-deleted account about what his employee said about me and my children and about wanting to urinate on my grave,” Gorka told Marlow. “To his credit, the CEO immediately emailed me back on a Sunday afternoon, apologized, and then on their social media accounts, they disavowed the words of Joe Wiley. I heard late last night from another follower who knows somebody who knows somebody that there was an all hands meeting at Marcum LLP on Monday morning and this individual has since been fired for his language. Now this isn’t cancel culture. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t do this to people who politically disagree with me. And I don’t tell people I politically disagree with that I want to piss on their graves and send the photographs to their children. But, if you use language like that, if you use vile, abusive language and involve my children, guess what Joe Wiley. I am going to let my voice be heard and I’m going to stand up for the truth. I know that thousands of others also went to the Marcum website and also went to their Instagram feed. That is why all of those feeds have been locked or closed. This is how you fight back — not with the dirty tactics they use because we believe in the truth. But you must not buckle under — it’s not just my voice, it’s everyone who stood for the truth the last four days. You cannot let them get away with it. You don’t have to run for public office although gosh could you imagine if every listener to your radio show decided to run for the local school board?”

Gorka also discussed the incident on his own program, here:
9:29 min

Gorka and Marlow concluded the conversation on cancel culture by discussing the popularity of both Trump and Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart. Of Trump and Breitbart, Gorka said, “there is a massive commonality between them.”

“Donald Trump, for all his mannerisms and style, never starts the fight,” Gorka said. “But if you bring the fight to him, he will finish it. He will fight back just as robustly as those who attack him. The commonality with Andrew is very simply this: Andrew, above all else, in addition to love of country, was motivated by the need, the burning sense of injustice when he witnessed bullies. What you are doing, what I am doing, what the president is doing, is fight back against those who start the abuse first. That is what all of us should be doing every single day. If you see a bully, whether it’s on the playground or on social media — I don’t care where it is — if you see one and you do nothing, I’m sorry you are part of the problem. Just stand up to the bullies and America will be a better place.”

Gorka advised Americans to put a sticky note on their desks that has the number 74 — representing the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump in 2020, to signify they are not alone — and think of that anytime they see someone getting canceled or shut down. Instead of staying silent — and being part of the problem — Gorka advises Americans to start using their voices, a powerful tool protected under the First Amendment, to fight back.

“If you do it, you will have people who say, ‘oh my gosh, he spoke the truth. So can I,’” Gorka said. “It is a catalytic effect that you have when you speak up to the bullies and liars.” View:
28:27 min


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Nation’s Largest Health Insurer Wants To Match Doctors With Patients ‘Based On Race’

FEBRUARY 15, 2021 By Joy Pullmann

A presentation from the nation’s largest health insurance company encourages matching doctors and patients based on their race despite finding discomfort with the idea in company surveys.

After the title slide, the December 2020 UnitedHealthcare presentation presents as an “opportunity” the “problem” that currently doctors and patients do not segregate enough based on race, and claims benefits of doing so.

“Consumers would like to establish relationships with physicians who they are comfortable with -physicians of similar backgrounds, life experience, etc.,” the second slide in the document says.

“One demographic factor that facilitates comfort is race, and currently, this is not available in our physician directories. Clinical evidence shows that consumers benefit from having physicians of same race for diagnosis and treatment of frequently occurring medical conditions.”

The presentation goes on to suggest having doctors add racial information to their in-network directory profiles to help potential patients pick them based on skin color instead of their specialty, location, quality of care, or other non-racist factors. It claims several “clinical benefits for consumers and physician relationships based on race,” including better “communication,” “access to care,” and “preventative health measures.”

The title slide says the presentation was prepared by UnitedHealth Vice President Mike Kane, whom a LinkedIn profile indicates has worked at the company for nearly seven years.

It also claims, based on a “2020 UHC Directory Survey” of doctors and patients, that 68 percent of doctors surveyed were willing to share their race in a physician directory and 46 percent of consumers were “likely to use race in selection” of a health-care provider.

Yet the survey results also found significant discomfort with the idea of explicit racial segregation in health care, among both doctors and patients. “When asked specifically about race, a number of consumers and physicians have serious concerns about the implications of providing and using that information,” the ninth slide says. “However, some physicians believe it doesn’t make a difference as patients will find out eventually.”

The presentation quoted several doctors and patients expressing concerns that picking doctors based on race would be, well, racist.
  • “Race should have no impact on physician selection. I would feel uncomfortable with providing my race to ensure [sic]. – African American, Physician”
  • “I don’t like it because my race has nothing to do with my abilities. – White, Physician”
  • “Race should have nothing to do with it. His or her medical degree should be most important – Exchange, White”
  • “I feel like its [sic] a form of discrimination – Medicaid, African American”
The slides indicate this proposal was made in an effort to “Expand[] Choice” and “Support[] Culture, Inclusion & Diversity.” The company’s “inclusion and diversity” page on its website says UHC engages in several initiatives that select employees, interns, and scholarship recipients based on race.

UnitedHealth Communications Director Maria Gordon Shydlo acknowledged a Federalist media inquiry about the presentation but failed to respond to any follow-up communications by two business days later despite a follow-up attempt.

UnitedHealth Group is a for-profit health-care company with annual revenue of approximately $257 billion in 2020, according to Investopedia. It has approximately 325,000 employees. It is the nation’s largest health insurance provider and second-largest health-care company, behind CVS. In 2020, it was ranked seventh on the Fortune 500. Among other things, the federal government has contracted with UnitedHealth Group “to distribute billions of dollars in CARES Act funds to health care providers across the country,” according to American Oversight.
Read the whole presentation below.

View this document on Scribd


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This entire thread should be posted as a sticky up top.....

And should be required reading for all who enter.....

The information contained herein is vital to understanding just how much desperate dire danger this country is in.

America has little time left.

And when she takes her last breath, they WILL come after all of us with a vengeance, hatred and violence. For one purpose and one purpose only. To enslave all of humankind. To extinguish the light of liberty forever and all who remember.

They will not stop. Until only a fraction of humans are left on earth.


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Biden’s Domestic War On Terrorism May Seek To Criminalize Political Dissent
Especially in such polarized times, there's cause to be wary of threats to our liberties from a national security regime with expanded domestic powers.

Ben Weingarten

By Ben Weingarten
FEBRUARY 15, 2021

The Biden administration is planning to use the full force of the federal government in pursuit of a new war. Its target? American citizens.

This countering “domestic violent extremism” effort, declared in the wake of the latest Capitol riot, represents the real-world counterpart to the corporate media rhetoric about the need to “deprogram,” “de-ba’athify,” and drone the Deplorables.

If this is a dangerous political witch hunt masquerading as a national security imperative, it should disturb every American. Half of the country could potentially be ensnared as would-be if not actual terrorists.

In a little-discussed Jan. 22 press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki asserted “[the] assault on the Capitol … underscored what we have long known: The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat.” Consequently, the administration plans a three-part response:
  • Developing a comprehensive threat assessment, coordinated with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security on domestic violent extremism.
  • Building “National Security Council capability to focus on countering domestic violent extremism,” including conducting “a policy review effort to determine how the government can share information better about this threat, support efforts to prevent radicalization, disrupt violent extremist networks, and more.”
  • Coordinating “relevant parts of the federal government to enhance and accelerate efforts to address DVE … an NSC-convened process will focus on addressing evolving threats, radicalization, the role of social media, opportunities to improve information sharing, operational responses, and more.”
In short, the Biden administration plans to turn the institutions and tools used to pursue foreign adversaries on “wrong-thinking” Americans. There are several reasons this is so troubling.

First, it is not clear why such an operation is needed. Contrary to Psaki’s statement, the studies, often conducted by left-leaning organizations, cited by those who claim the threat of non-jihadist “violent extremism” is growing and massive are highly dubious.

If domestic terrorist groups are proliferating in sufficient, size, strength, and number to merit a robust new government response, on the scale of the Global War on Terror — as some are telegraphing — the authorities have not demonstrated it. The administration’s hyping of such threats, and the conversion of Capitol Hill to a warzone, without specific evidence of danger, should only increase our skepticism. It appears politics is trumping the truth.

One can argue that the rush to declare a war on “domestic violent extremism” is one of several logical conclusions of an effort that goes back to the beginning of the Obama presidency, to fear-monger over the threat of “right-wing extremism” and marginalize non-leftists. The resistance fever dream of Trump-as-Führer with his tens of millions of supporters as Brownshirts was seamlessly incorporated into this information operation.

With Trump toppled, the riot among non-leftists provided the catalyst for completing the total war on the true objects of the ruling class’s ire: dissenting Americans. It has concocted a narrative: There is a growing “insurgencyamongdomestic violent extremists.” The riot was their 9/11. Consequently, the threat, highlighted by that despicable act, demands not only its own 9/11 Commission, but a war on domestic extremism, particularly “white supremacist extremists.”

The wall-to-wall coverage of a neophyte congresswoman, the portrayal of capitols across the country as under threat, and the Defense secretary’s call for a 60-day stand-down to root out “extremism” in the military following the disturbing political vetting of National Guard troops summoned to Washington for the inauguration all feed this narrative.

One can be forgiven for thinking that a war on “domestic violent extremism” represents an extreme jump from a single event that, while inexcusable, pathetic, and disgraceful, thankfully resulted in less bloodshed and infinitely less destruction than what transpired across the country during the summer of 2020 — and preceded a dramatic spike in violence.

That there is nary a word from the Biden administration about pursuing violent members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter in connection with its countering DVE effort is part of a second major disturbing issue: Just as the Biden administration has not clearly defined the need for such a war, it has not clearly defined its targets. While it is not clear who the Biden administration is targeting, the implication again is non-leftists, potentially writ large.

“Violent extremism” is vague and leftists manipulate language. Hence, one man’s terrorist is another man’s “austere religious scholar”; “hate speech” is violence while physical violence is “mostly peaceful”; and concepts like “colorblindness,” “merit,” and even the classics themselves are considered instruments of white supremacy. Given the zeitgeist, readers of this article may well be a suspected violent supremacist by the left’s standards.

The Biden administration is also adhering to such standards. Based on its rhetoric and earliest executive actions — which emphasized “equity” over “equality” — anti-racism, critical race theory, and the associated panoply of woke progressive pillars are de rigueur within the White House. Under the “progressive-or-bigot” paradigm that flows from this worldview, non-progressives of all colors may well be branded “white supremacists,” “right-wing extremists,” and “domestic violent extremists.”

The third disturbing aspect of the coming domestic war on terror is how it’s poised to threaten our most basic civil rights, beginning with free speech.

Under the new infinitely liberal reading of “incitement to violence,” our political class is calling for Big Tech to further police speech — which is to say, to squelch the First Amendment by proxy. The Biden administration is seemingly on board. Psaki noted the “domestic violent extremism” investigation process would include a National Security Council review of the “role of social media” and promote government “efforts to prevent radicalization.”

It’s also worth noting who is leading this effort, and his political and policy predilections. As Psaki revealed, Joshua Geltzer will be responsible for the “scoping effort.”

During a September 2019 hearing before the House Oversight Committee’s Subcommittees on National Security and Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, the former Obama administration National Security Council official and prolific Trump critic called for adopting a “transnational” approach to countering “violent white supremacy.” This included increased terror organization designations, use of the intelligence capabilities of the “international terrorism”-focused National Counterterrorism Center, and tech companies “policing their platforms to remove not just incitement to violence, but also, the ideological foundations that spawn such violence.”

Geltzer was careful to caveat that creating a “domestic analog to the foreign terrorist organization designation regime” might be unconstitutional and that efforts to counter violent white supremacy “must not be used as an excuse for interfering with the lawful expression of political advocacy.” But it is hard to square these seemingly conflicting statements.

In this charged and hysterical political environment, we should be all the more so concerned about the threats to our liberties, particularly of a national security regime with vastly expanded domestic powers. The first role of government is to protect our lives and liberties. The heavy burden is on our leaders to justify infringements on the latter in service of the former.


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Pure Racism: New York City Principal Sends Home White Identities List to Parents to Convert Them to the “White Traitors” Stage of Whiteness

By Jim Hoft
Published February 16, 2021 at 7:44am

Critical race theory watchdog Christopher F. Rufo reported on Monday that the principal of a New York school sent a list of white identities to white parents so that they could try to convert themselves from white supremacists to white abolitionists.

The East Side Community School teacher even included a white supremacism spectrum for parents to self-identify.

According to East Side Community School the goal is to become a white abolitionist. But these steps are subjective, not clearly defined and ALWAYS up for evaluation by your peers.

The modern-day left is determined to destroy our society with their hatred, ignorance and racism.

Apparently this list of the eight “white identities” has been passed around on Facebook for a couple of years.

Its author is Professor Barnor Hesse.

Hesse is an Associate Professor of African American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology
His research interests include post-structuralism and political theory, black political thought, modernity and coloniality, blackness and affect, race and governmentality, conceptual methodologies, postcolonial studies. His book, Un/settled Multiculturalisms: Diasporas, Entanglements, Transruptions, reconsiders the meanings of multiculturalism in the West. In introducing a new conceptual language, the volume stresses the importance of distinguishing between the multicultural as a signifier of the unsettled meanings of cultural differences, and multiculturalism as the signified of attempts to “fix” their meaning in national imaginaries. The book also casts the debates about multiculturalism in the contexts of globalization, post-colonialism, and what Barnor Hesse calls “multicultural transruptions”–which he sees as resurgent, irrepressible multicultural issues.


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Completely Biased ‘Fact Checkers’ Are Now Tools to Disparage and Discredit Conservative Thought

By Joe Hoft
Published February 16, 2021 at 10:55am

‘Fact-checkers’ are not fact-checkers they are just another tool used to slander and disparage conservative thought – period. Remember, with liberals, it’s all about power.

We at the Gateway Pundit (TGP) have faced so many ‘fact checks’ on our articles it’s become comical. The bigger the story, the more hits we get the more attention from ‘fact-checkers’.

But these individuals who represent these firms are not interested in the truth. Their actions show it. Their purpose is to slander, disparage and discourage conservative, God-loving, and America-loving thought. These people ultimately hate free speech and the USA.

We’ve faced numerous fact checks over the past few years since the idea of creating biased individuals berating conservatives and labeling their messages ‘fact-checking’ came about.

They have no interest in getting to the truth. The best example is their own actions. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc all pushed and reported on the Russia collusion delusion for years. The story was made up. We now know it was. There is proof. But throughout the period, fact-checkers never once or since called out these far-left sites for being false to the point of being flame throwers of lies for the Democrats.

This was the biggest lie in US history until the 2020 election came upon us and the media’s actions to promote the lies have been supplemented by the fact-checkers.

A few weeks ago we published an article on the real status of cases involving President Trump in the 2020 election. This effort by some patriots who looked into the data surrounding the court cases from the 2020 election was well presented and thorough. It was the first real glimpse of the truth about the election court cases status to date:

Per their list of cases to date related to President Trump and the 2020 election, there were 80 cases and President Trump won 14 of the 21 cases based on merits. This clearly was not being told in Big Media outlets and had to be ‘fact-checked’.

The fact-checkers swarmed. This truth must be destroyed. So the ‘fact-checkers’ at the AP published their hit-piece. “Skewed data fuel questionable claim on Trump election lawsuits”

Unfortunately, the ‘fact-checkers’ repeated misleading claims, like: “In about 60 lawsuits Trump’s legal team and Republican allies filed since the election, only one resulted in a small victory in Pennsylvania. “

The ‘fact-checkers’ were deceptive because the ‘fact-checkers’ artificially parsed the election lawsuits — e.g to before and after November 3. There is no legitimate reason to make that artificial divide. Why not segregate them by whether the lead attorney is a male or female? That would make as much sense.

It was also misleading that the title and article say these claims are based on “skewed data.” There is nothing about the data that was “skewed” — other than it deviates from the mainstream media’s inaccurate narrative. Further, there was no proof in the piece that the list was “skewed.”

The fact-checkers then brought up one of the author’s prior work history in an attempt to disparage him and therefore the article in a very unprofessional manner. Then they went after one of eight sources and attempted to disparage it.

The bottom line is that this supposedly “fact checking” article is a cacophony of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias.

There is no such thing as a ‘fact-checker’. These make-believe entities and the individuals who work for them are nothing but biased pranksters whose job is to harass conservatives and promote far-left liberal lies. Fact check – True.


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The Far-Left Continues to Silence Their Political Opposition But Conservatives Are Standing Up Together (VIDEO)

By Joe Hoft
Published February 16, 2021 at 11:10am

Michael J. Watt released a video online at Remnant TV with an excellent analysis of what is going on today.*

Michael J. Watt shares the following in his latest video:
Michael J. Matt first takes a look at the far-Left’s fascist attempt to silence political opposition.
Protecting the Kids from the My Pillow Guy: You might hate his pillow, but do you really think Mike Lindell presents a clear and present danger to the common good? Who’s next, the guy with the Sham Wow?

Domestic Terrorists? New video of MAGA guys shouting at Capitol police for doing NOTHING as the building was breached. Nancy’s not gonna like this one bit!
Comic Relief: AOC whips herself up some tears, trying to explain how terrified she was of a Capitol policeman who was trying to help her.

Minneapolis Crime Skyrocketing: Even though African Americans are doing most of the dying here, President Biden uses all the power of the federal government to go after the morons in the Vikings horns.
Nancy’s Wall: It’s 12-feet high, topped with razor wire, and takes 3 hours to walk around. Is this the beginning of an American police state?
At the 17:30 mark, Matt shares:
Trump knocked the hell out of these globalists, knocked them on their backsides, not by brandishing firearms but by pledging to bring back everything they’re terrified of, everything they’re trying to destroy. He was using an idea to kill another idea and was doing it real successfully. Violence and racism had nothing to do with it. He beat them back with patriotism. He beat them back with law and order. He beat them back with God and religion…
… We have the numbers on our side – 80 million.
(Btw Watt speaks for the unborn so this cover pic appears to be satire.)

34:12 min

We are the majority.
* We don’t have an opinion of or much knowledge of Remnant TV – this episode was an excellent analysis of today’s events.


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The Ministry of Love, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Plenty, and the Ministry of Truth are the four ministries of the government of Oceania in the 1949 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell.[1]

The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink.


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ACADEMIA, SOCIETYFebruary 16, 2021

“This Is About White Supremacy And Colonization”: Teacher Group Calls For Shakespeare To Be Removed From Reading Lists

While the House managers were quoting Shakespeare in their case against President Donald Trump last week, it appears that the Bard may soon be less known than “Poor Yorick” who we once knew so well. There is a growing campaign by teachers to drop Shakespeare and other Western literature from classes. One group, #DisruptTexts, insists “This is about White supremacy and colonization.” Lorena German, National Council of Teachers of English Anti-Racism Committee chair and a co-founder of the Disrupt Texts forum, insisted “everything about the fact that he was a man of his time is problematic about his plays. We cannot teach Shakespeare responsibly and not disrupt the ways people are characterized and developed.”

We previously discussed how the portrait of William Shakespeare was removed at the University of Pennsylvania’s English Department as a statement for greater racial sensitivity and diversity. Students are increasingly being deprived of such foundational classics as “Romeo and Juliet,” “Macbeth,” “King Lear” or Richard III. These are works that are not only masterpieces but shaped generations of later works and continue to be referenced in modern writing. Yet, this is a movement that has been building since 1987 when Jesse Jackson led Stanford undergraduates chanting, “Hey, ho, Western Civ has got to go!”

Amanda McGregor, a Minnesota-based librarian wrote in the January issue of School library journal that “Shakespeare’s work is full of problematic and outdated ideas, lots of misogyny, racism, homophobia, class discrimination, anti-Semitism, misogyny”

German insisted that Shakespeare “is not ‘universal’ in a way that other authors are not. He is not more ‘timeless’ than anyone else.” Some teachers advocating replacing Shakespeare with such works as “Hunger Games.”

Shakespeare could have seen his coming when he wrote in As You Like It that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.” However, the exiting of Shakespeare will come at a terrible cost for our students. While Shakespeare appears the new rallying cry for woke teachers, he is “a man more sinned against than sinning.” If he is stripped away from our reading lists, our students will be the poorer for it.


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Don Surber

Monday, February 15, 2021
Trump's best lesson

Red State reported, "In Must-Watch Clip, Trump Attorney 'Michael van der Veen, Citizen' Destroys Media."

The clip is interesting as Donald Trump's impeachment lawyer put an airhead at CBS in her place on Saturday, after the Democrat impeachment failed.

He told her, "It’s not okay to doctor a little bit of evidence. The media has to start telling the right story in this country. The media is trying to divide this country. You are bloodthirsty for ratings, and as such, you’re asking questions now that are already set up with a fact pattern. I can’t believe you would ask me a question indicating that it’s alright just to doctor a little bit of evidence. There’s more stuff we uncovered that they doctored, to be frank with you, and maybe that will come out someday."

The biggest achievement President Trump made is getting Americans to shove the press back twice as hard. We do not have to live by their rules or curry their favor.

Andrew Breitbart, the John the Baptist of today's MAGA movement, said, "Politics is downstream of culture."

The media is the culture, which explains the importance of Donald Trump's manhandling of the press. He did not duck them. He took them on. He could do a 25-minute impromptu press conference, answering 25 questions on 25 subjects, while his helicopter waited to take him to the airport for a flight to a rally far away after putting in a 10-hour day in the Oval Office.

We saw him do it several times.

In April 2011, a year before Breitbart died, he said, "Celebrity is everything in this country. And if these guys don't learn how to play the media the way that Barack Obama played the media last election cycle and the way that Donald Trump is playing the election cycle, we're going to probably get a celebrity candidate."

5 years after Breitbart said that, Republicans had their celebrity candidate. Donald Trump.

He was not folksy like Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump was a loudmouth New Yorker. To survive in that city, you need the ability to be Dustin Hoffman in "Midnight Cowboy" pounding on the cab and saying, "Hey, I'm walking here. I'm walking here."

In retrospect, America needed a president pounding on that media cab. We needed him to do that to stop that cab from running over the rest of us.

Breitbart's statement of politics being downstream of culture rings true when one considers that people behaved in the 1950s downstream from the movies of the 1930s. The geniuses who invented Hollywood created an American ideal that was as far from the reality of their youth and of their lives as film moguls.

And yet it worked. Mickey Rooney may have had 8 wives and Elizabeth Taylor 7 husbands, but they sold America on a healthy lifestyle centered on the family and small-town life. Andy Hardy and "The Father of the Bride" set standards for a suburbia that reflected a shared prosperity the likes of which the world may never see again.

In the 1986 musical version of Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey sings of leaving Skid Row.
I dream of a place
Where we could be together at last
A matchbox of our own
A fence of real chain link,
A grill out on the patio
Disposal in the sink
A washer and a dryer and an ironing machine
In a tract house that we share
Somewhere that's green.
He rakes and trims the grass
He loves to mow and weed
I cook like Betty Crocker
And I look like Donna Reed
There's plastic on the furniture
To keep it neat and clean
In the Pine-Sol scented air
Somewhere that's green
People tire of having to pound on cabs. We all long for somewhere that's green. Elitists condemn it as materialism, but it really is security.

I look at black-and-white TV shows these days and admire the men in fedoras and three-piece suits. They were responsible grownups. Now we wear ballcaps and T shirts.

The argument is the 1950s weren't perfect and they were racist and sexist and the like. But what is so perfect about today? We have racism and sexism. They are just anti-white and anti-male now. The media wants us to forget Martin Luther King's dream of being judged on the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

Who came up with this foolishness that diversity makes us stronger?

No. No, no, no. United we stand because divided we fall. And they want us to fall. We are the deplorable dregs of society, remember? Those are not my words. Those are the words of the past two Democrat nominees for president.

I am not asking to bring back the 1950s. I am only saying I'm walking here. I'm walking here.

As president, Donald Trump got a nation of Americans to dare pound on those cabs. The hacks driving those cabs can honk their horns all they want, but they have no power over us unless we allow them to impose their silly standards on us.

After the election, I told readers it is not over until we say it is over, quoting of course Bluto from "Animal House."

Does anyone care to say it is over?

I don't.

Neither does Michael van der Veen.

We follow President Trump's example and carry on Breitbart's work.


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WATCH: Woman Gets Late-Night Police Visit For Anti-Mask Facebook Posts

'I know what Communism is and we have been living in it for the past year'

Patrick Howley
February 16, 2021

WATCH: Woman Gets Late-Night Police Visit For Anti-Mask Facebook Posts

Florida hair and makeup artist and mother of three Angelique Contreras received an intimidating late-night knock on the door from a law enforcement officer in Palm Beach County after she published anti-mask posts on Facebook. NATIONAL FILE has obtained video footage of this disturbing 10:30 PM encounter. Contreras verbally confirmed with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that it was a sheriff’s officer who made the house call.

According to Contreras, Palm Beach County is trying to send citizens who can’t wear masks due to medical exemptions into a parking garage basement while County Commission meetings take place. Local press reporting confirms that mask-exempt citizens who want to speak at meetings will be sent to a separate building beneath a parking garage, instead of being able to address their leaders directly. When a man on Facebook joked about dumping garbage onto a County Administrator’s lawn, Contreras replied with the retort, “thousands of Mask(s).” This was enough to get the sheriff’s office to show up to her house, with the officer making clear that such Facebook posts are monitored in this day and age. Contreras’ children are aged 11, 3, and 1.

“No matter what a person’s political beliefs are, I do not believe anyone deserves to be bullied by our local government officials. We should not be intimidated by law enforcement. What happened at my house was clearly political intimidation,” Angelique Contreras, who hails from a family of patriotic Cuban refugees, told NATIONAL FILE. “I know what Communism is and we have been living in it for the past year.”

4:07 min

Contreras replied to a friend’s joke, stating that they could leave “thousands of Mask” on a county commissioner’s lawn. Contreras said the post could be interpreted to mean leaving masks on public property where county government meetings take place.

“As a United States citizen I do have the right to peacefully protest on any public property and I don’t understand why I was chosen to be intimidated and harassed for my posts,” Contreras said. “In regards to my situation, I want to know who’s watching my Facebook page, who is the unknown citizen who was on my property and the officer’s dereliction of duty, and who gave the order.”


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San Francisco School Board Kept A Person Off Their Parent Advisory Committee Because He’s A White Male

JOHN SEXTONPosted at 8:00 pm on February 15, 2021

The San Francisco School Board has been in the news a lot recently. First it was controversy over the decision to rename 44 schools in the district. Then it was the decision to get rid of selective admissions at their best performing high school on the grounds that meritocracy is racist.

Over the weekend, the board took another hit in the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle when columnist Heather Knight relayed the story of a volunteer who wanted to become part of the board’s Parent Advisory Committee. Seth Brenzel would have been the only gay member of the group and the only man, but after discussing it for two solid hours the school board rejected him because he’s white:
All of the 10 current members are straight moms. Three are white. Three are Latina. Two are Black. One is Tongan. They all want the dad to join them.
The seven school board members talk for two hours about whether the dad brings enough diversity. Yes, he’d be the only man. And the only LGBTQ representative. But he’d be the fourth white person in a district where 15% of students are white…
The Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Democratic Club on Friday slammed the board for its “misguided fumbling towards a goal of diversity.
The person who was perhaps the most stunned was Seth Brenzel, the gay dad whose daughter is a fourth-grader at Glen Park Elementary. “At any moment, I expected a commissioner to address me,” he said, “because there I was.”
The board never asked Brenzel a single question. Instead he sat there, his face being broadcast on the zoom meeting, while the board decided he didn’t belong in the voluntary position because a white male ticked the wrong social justice boxes. This important conversation dragged on while about 500 parents were waiting to hear about school reopening plans.
The board’s focus on woke messaging over student well-being continues despite the fact that data presented last month showed closed schools are widening the academic gap between minority and white students:
Black, Latino and Asian students in San Francisco as well as those from low-income families have lost significant academic ground compared with wealthier and white students during the pandemic, according to new data released by the school district.
Black and Latino students were also more likely to be absent at least 60% of the time during the fall semester…
“We are concerned the gap has widened, especially in elementary schools,” said San Francisco Unified School District spokeswoman Gentle Blythe, adding that supports are in place for the most under-served youth. “But we know remote doesn’t replace in person when it comes to serving our students. We want to return to (school) sites as quickly as possible.”
In other words, if you want to really help minority students and their families the best thing you could do right now is get kids back to classrooms. But when SF School Board president Gabriela Lopez was asked about this decidedly downbeat data, she offered some creative spin on it:
“They are learning more about their families and their cultures, spending more time with each other,” López said. “They’re just having different learning experiences than the ones we currently measure, and the loss is a comparison to a time when we were in a different space.”
No, dummy, that’s not how this works. If students are absent or failing that doesn’t mean they are part of some ethnic enrichment program at home. It just means they aren’t keeping up with other kids their age. In short, there is no silver lining to this dark cloud and until the schools reopen this trend is going to continue.

The board’s focus on woke decision making over addressing actual problems has become so absurd that even some Democrats see it as self-parody:
“We’ve become parodies of ourselves,’’ said Democratic strategist Brian Brokaw, who recounted Republican friends good-naturedly jabbing him as the developments became a running joke on the political scene. “It’s counterproductive in so many ways.”
San Francisco parents and their kids are paying a steep price for electing these woke ideologues to the school board.


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Pure Racism: New York City Principal Sends Home White Identities List to Parents to Convert Them to the “White Traitors” Stage of Whiteness

By Jim Hoft
Published February 16, 2021 at 7:44am

Critical race theory watchdog Christopher F. Rufo reported on Monday that the principal of a New York school sent a list of white identities to white parents so that they could try to convert themselves from white supremacists to white abolitionists.

The East Side Community School teacher even included a white supremacism spectrum for parents to self-identify.

According to East Side Community School the goal is to become a white abolitionist. But these steps are subjective, not clearly defined and ALWAYS up for evaluation by your peers.

The modern-day left is determined to destroy our society with their hatred, ignorance and racism.
View attachment 252637

Apparently this list of the eight “white identities” has been passed around on Facebook for a couple of years.

Its author is Professor Barnor Hesse.

Hesse is an Associate Professor of African American Studies, Political Science, and Sociology
So.... does this mean that they can kiss my Lilly white ass?


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Foreign Agents Pushing ‘Anti-White Wokeism’ to American Public Schools, Who Is Responsible For This Nonsense?

by Kari Donovan
February 16, 2021

Foreign Agents Pushing ‘Anti-White Wokeism’ to American Public Schools, Who Is Responsible For This Nonsense?

A far left professor from Northwestern University and University of Essex (UK), Barnor Heese, has developed a school curriculum that is based on a long career of craven bigotry, bitter revenge and nasty racism against White people, and he is getting feedback that his racism has gone too far.

“He put his Twitter account to private, but his last tweet was saying the snow cover in Chicago is a symbol of white supremacy. Top quality academic insights!,” Christopher Ruffo, a researcher who is focused on school choice and Critical Race Theory, posted.

Heese’s research interests, according to numerous biographies, include post-structuralism and political theory, black political thought, modernity and coloniality, blackness and affect, race and governmentality, conceptual methodologies, postcolonial studies.

Why does he have such influence on institutes of learning? Even far left Yale professor knows Heese’s latest project on “8 White Identies’ goes way too far.

“Look at this dangerous, racist drivel by Barnor Hesse. Racism is a real problem. But this is not helping the cause of reducing its unacceptable impact on our society, “Nicholas A. Christakis @NAChristakis Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale. Physician. Author of Apollo’s Arrow, wrote about the extreme left propaganda.

“As the recipient of much anger from the white liberal echelon to the intolerant right, I was relieved to be sent this link by a Facebook friend and anti-racism activist from Canada.
The writer of this blog has extrapolated the essential messages from Professor Barnor Hesse’s course “Unsettling Whiteness”.
This is ground-breaking work around whiteness studies from a radical black perspective. In it he outlines the eight categories of white identity in relation to the “regime of whiteness that governs society through racial rule”. These are the “socially visible, action-orientated white identities in everyday dialogue within that regime”.
In the United States this obsession on skin color is generally called “racism”. Surely someone loves this man enough to tell him to walk this back, because it is abusive.

That isn’t stopping the principal of East Side Community High School from pushing these toxic ideas into a public school at 420 East 12th Street in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City and accosting the White parents of their students with the propaganda.

According to Christopher Rufo, a researcher, journalist, and filmmaker who claims to have a source who reported just that, to him.



Even progressive journalist Jeffrey Wells is unhappy about Heese’s work, writing “According to a five-week-old analysis of Anglo Saxon racial attitudes (plus a corresponding color illustration) from Barnor Hesse, Associate Professor of African American Studies, Political Science and Sociology at Northwestern University, white people come in all shapes, sizes and moods, but too damn many of them are thorny little bitches who won’t get with the Critical Race Theory program and therefore need to be shaken and shamed and maybe slapped around.”

So what purpose does it serve to teach school children and their parents about this one Black man’s crusade against While People? For political power, of course.


According to Hesse “Race” is only a construct designed to get political power.
From his own speeches:
Whiteness is a political theology – it’s experienced as a supreme authority (above the law).
  • Whiteness is worshipped – culturally, economically, socially.
  • Ritual forms of violence against non-white people have been, and still are, a regular occurrence. These acts are central to whiteness.
  • Whiteness claims the divine right to steal from colonies. (According to All African Women’s Group the UK stole £7 trillion from Africa through colonialism).
Sources for this abusive curriculum come from years of hateful racism against White people.


According to Heese, all White people fall into one of these categories.


If the tables were turned, we would clearly know the concepts from the handout are in fact racist.


Consider this discussion by Heese.


“To ignore that race is a social construct is racist. Social construction is not social construct. When you say what is race, and to rescue social construction in an alternative way, how would we do that. One problem we have is when people talk about these things they have no idea what they are talking about. People are vague. The first words that there was that race is not natural,” he says in a confused circular logical. 1:09:22 min

It is unclear how this man, who is surely well-meaning, has come to the place where everyone who is White must be one kind of racist or the other.

In the meantime, while we are trying to figure it out, perhaps we could leave the public school children and their parents alone? It’s not like there is nothing else going on in 2020 and 2021.


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‘White Abolition’: New York Public School Urges White Children to Become Race ‘Traitors’

Is this incitement of genocide?

Feb 15, 2021
Shane Trejo

The prevalence of psychotic anti-white propaganda in public schools is worsening rapidly in Biden’s America, as investigative journalist Christopher Rufo has discovered.

Rufo received a principal’s notice from a New York public school advocating for “white abolition” and urging students to become “traitors” to their race. If this type of propaganda were aimed at black people, this would likely be considered genocide training.

The propaganda, sent to parents from the principal of East Side Community School in New York, classified white people into eight different groups: White Supremacist, White Voyeur, White Privilege, White Benefit, White Confessional, White Critical, White Traitor, and White Abolition. Indoctrinating children to become traitors and then to advocate for their own destruction is the end game.

“There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities. People who identify with whiteness are one of these. It’s about time we build an ethnography of whiteness, since white people have been the ones writing about and governing Others,” the propaganda read.

Rufo describes the notice as the “new language of public education”:

Big League Politics has reported on other instances where critical race theory and other blood libels against white people have been pushed by government officials:
As part of his series on exposing the dissemination of critical race theory within federal institutions, journalist Christopher Rufo of the Discovery Institute has released explosive documents showing just how the anti-American, anti-white ideology has seeped deeply into government…
President Donald Trump banned critical race theory at the recommendation of Rufo as his reporting began to go viral, and he started appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
“It’s absolutely astonishing how critical race theory has pervaded every institution in the federal government,” Rufo said to Tucker Carlson last week. “What I have discovered is that critical race theory has become, in essence, the default ideology of the federal bureaucracy and is now being weaponized against the American people.”
“I think that it’s something that he has denounced, this kind of Black Lives Matter and neo-Marxist rhetoric in places like Portland and Seattle, but it’s time to take action and destroy it within his own administration,” he added.
In Biden’s America, these types of curriculums will continue to gain momentum. The Bill of Rights and Constitution will be wiped away with the rest of “white” culture as a thousand years of darkness fall over the nation. This is the essence of the globalist plan enabled by multiculturalism.


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How Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled A "Domestic Terrorist"

TUESDAY, FEB 16, 2021 - 23:50
Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

If you are starting to feel like forces controlling the governments of the west are out to get you, then it is likely that you are either a paranoid nut job, or a stubborn realist.

Either way, it means that you have some major problems on your hands.

If you don’t happen to find yourself among the tinfoil hat-wearing strata of conspiracy theorists waiting in a bunker for aliens to either strike down or save society from the shape shifting lizard people, but are rather contemplating how, in the 1960s, a shadow government took control of society over the dead bodies of many assassinated patriots, then certain conclusions tend to arise.

Three Elementary Realizations for Thinking People

The first conclusion you would likely arrive at is that the United States government was just put through the first coup in over 58 years (yes, what happened in 1963 was a coup). Although it is becoming a bit prohibitive to speak such words aloud in polite society, Nancy Pelosi’s official biographer Molly Ball, recently penned a scandalous Time Magazine article entitled ‘The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Elections’ which admitted to this conspiracy saying:
“Even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream- a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.” (Lest you think that this was a subversion of democracy, Ball informs us that “they were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”)
Another conclusion you might come to is that many of the political figures whom you believed were serving those who elected them into office, actually serve the interests of a clique of technocrats and billionaires lusting over the deconstruction of western civilization under something called “a Great Reset”. Where this was brushed off as an unfounded conspiracy theory not long ago, even Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister (and neo-Nazi supporting Rhodes Scholar) Chrystia Freeland decided to become a Trustee of the World Economic Forum just weeks ago. In this role, Freeland joins fellow Oxford technocrat Mark Carney in their mutual endeavor to be a part of the new movement to decarbonize civilization and make feudalism cool again.

Lastly, you might notice that your having arrived at these conclusions is itself increasingly becoming a form of thought-crime punishable in a variety of distasteful ways elaborated by a series of unprecedented new emergency regulations that propose extending the definition of “terrorism”. Those implicated under the new definition will be those broad swaths of citizens of western nations who don’t agree with the operating beliefs of the ruling oligarchy.

Already a 60 day review of the U.S. military is underway to purge the armed forces of all such “thought criminals” while McCarthyite legislation has been drafted to cleanse all government jobs of “conspiracy theorists”.

Another startling announcement from the National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin that domestic terrorists include: “ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority [and] perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”

While not yet fully codified into law (though it will be if not nipped in the bud soon), you can be sure that things are certainly moving fast as, before our very eyes, the right to free speech is being torn to shreds by means of censorship across social media and the internet, cancelling all opinions deemed unacceptable to the ruling class.

The Conspiracy to Subvert Conspiracy Theorizing

This should not come as a surprise, as Biden’s new addition to the Department of Homeland Security is a bizarre figure named Cass Sunstein who famously described exactly what this was going to look like in his infamous 2008 report ‘Conspiracy Theories’ (co-authored with Harvard Law School’s Adrien Vermeule). In this under-appreciated study, the duo foresaw the greatest threat to the ruling elite took the form of “conspiracy theorizing” within the American population using as examples of this delusion: the idea that the government had anything to do with the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, or the planning and execution of 9-11.

Just to be clear, conspiracy literally means ‘two or more people acting together in accord with an agreed upon idea and intention’.

The fact that Vermeule has made a legal career arguing that laws should be interpreted not by the “intentions” of lawgivers, but rather according to cost-benefit analysis gives us a useful insight into the deranged mind of a technocrat and the delusional reasoning that denies the very thing which has shaped literally ALL of human history.

In their “scholarly” essay, the authors wrote “the existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.”

After establishing his case for the threat of conspiracies, Sunstein says that “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”.

Not one to simply draw criticisms, the pro-active Sunstein laid out five possible strategies which the social engineers managing the population could deploy to defuse this growing threat saying:
“(1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing.
(2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.
(3) Government might itself engage in counter speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories.
(4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counter speech.
(5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help”.
(I’ll let you think about which of these prescriptions were put into action over the ensuing 12 years.)

Cass Sunstein was particularly sensitive to this danger largely because: 1) he was a part of a very ugly conspiracy himself and 2) he is a world-renowned behaviorist.

The Problem of Reality for Behaviorists

As an economic behaviorist and lawyer arguing that all “human rights” should be extended to animals (blurring the line separating human dynamics from the law of the jungle as any fascist must), Sunstein has spent decades trying to model human behavior with computer simulations in an effort to “scientifically manage” such behavior.

As outlined in his book Nudge (co-authored with Nobel Prize winning behaviorist Richard Thaler), Sunstein “discovered” that people tend to organize their behavioral patterns around certain fundamental drives, such as the pursuit of pleasure, avoidance of pain, and certain Darwinian drives for sex, popularity, desire for conformity, desire for novelty, and greed.

One of the key principles of economic behaviorism which is seen repeated in such popular manuals as Freakonomics, Nudge, Predictably Irrational, The Wisdom of Crowds, and Animal Spirits, is that humans are both biologically determined due to their Darwinian impulses, but, unlike other animals, have the fatal flaw of being fundamentally irrational at their core. Since humans are fundamentally irrational, says the behaviorist, it is requisite that an enlightened elite impose “order” upon society while maintaining the illusion of freedom of choice from below. This is the underlying assumption of Karl Popper’s Open Society doctrine, which was fed to Popper’s protégé George Soros and which animates Soros’ General Theory of Reflexivity and his Oxford-based Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

This was at the heart of Obama’s science Czar John Holdren’s call for world government in his 1977 Ecoscience (co-written with his mentor Paul Ehrlich) where the young misanthrope envisioned a future utopic world governed by a scientifically managed master-class saying:
“Perhaps those agencies, combined with UNEP and the United Nations population agencies, might eventually be developed into a Planetary Regime- sort of an international superagency for population, resources, and environment. Such a comprehensive Planetary Regime could control the development, administration, conservation, and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or nonrenewable”.
The caveat: If Darwinian impulses mixed with irrational “animal spirits” were truly all that animated those systems which behaviorists wish to map and manipulate (aka: “nudge” with rewards, punishments), then a scientific priesthood would indeed be a viable and perhaps necessary way to organize the world.

Fortunately, reality is a bit more elegant and dignified than behaviorists wish to admit.

Why Computer Modellers Hate Metaphysics

On a closer inspection of history, we find countless instances where people shape their individual and group behavior around sets of ideas that transcend controllable material impulses. When this happens, those individuals or groups tend to resist adapting to environments created for them. This incredible phenomenon is witnessed empirically in the form of the American Revolution, Warsaw Ghetto Uprisings, Civil Rights movements, and even some bold manifestations of anti-lockdown protests now underway around the world.

Among the most troublesome of those variables which upset computer models are: “Conscience”, “Truth”, “Intentions”, “Soul”, “Honor”, “God”, “Justice”, “Patriotism”, “Dignity”, and “Freedom”.

Whenever individuals shape their identities around these very real, though immaterial (aka: “metaphysical”) principles, they cannot be “nudged” towards pre-determined decisions that defy reason and morality. Adherence to these principles also tends to afford thinking people an important additional edge of creative insight necessary to cut through false explanatory narratives that attempt to hide lies behind the appearance of truth (aka: sophistry).

As witnessed on multiple occasions throughout history, such individuals who value the health of their souls over the intimidating (and extremely malleable) force of popular opinion, will often decide to sacrifice personal comfort and even their lives in order to defend those values which their minds and consciences deem important.

Part 1 of 2


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Part 2 of 2

These rare, but invaluable outliers will often resist policies that threaten to undo their freedoms or undermine the basis of their society’s capacity to produce food, and energy for their children and grandchildren. What is worse, is that their example is often extremely contagious causing other members of the sheep class to believe that they too are human and endowed with unalienable rights which should be defended.

The Intentions Ordering World History

Perhaps, most “destructive” of all is that these outlier people tend to look for abstract things like “causes” in historical dynamics shaping the context of their present age, as well as their current geopolitical environment.

Whenever this type of thinking is done, carefully crafted narratives fed to the masses by an enlightened elite will often fail in their powers to persuade, since seekers after truth soon come to realize that IDEAS and intentions (aka: conspiracies) shape our past, present and future. When the dominating intentions shaping society’s trajectory is in conformity with Natural Law, humanity tends to improve, freedoms increase, culture matures and evil loses its hold. Inversely, when the intentions animating history are out of conformity with Natural Law, the opposite happens as societies lose their moral and material fitness to survive and slip ever more quickly into dark ages.

While sitting in a jail in Birmingham Alabama in 1963, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. described this reality eloquently when he said:
“A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. Any law that uplifts human personality is just. Any law that degrades human personality is unjust… One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws”
From Plato’s organization of his Academy and efforts to shape a Philosopher King to beat the forces of the Persian Empire, to Cicero’s efforts to save the Roman Republic, to Augustine’s battles to save the soul of Christianity all the way to our present age, conspiracies for the good and counter-conspiracies for evil have shaped history. If one were to begin an investigation into history without an understanding that ideas and intentions caused the trajectory of history, as is the standard practice among history professors dominant in todays world, then one would become incapable of understanding anything essential about one’s own reality.

It is irrelevant that behaviorists and other fascists wish their victims to believe that history just happens simply because random short-sighted impulses kinetically drive events on a timeline- the truth of my claim exists for any serious truth seeker to discover it for themselves.

Back to our Present Sad State of Affairs

Now we all know that Sunstein spent the following years working as Obama’s Regulatory Czar alongside an army of fellow behaviorists who took control of all levers of policy making as outlined by Time Magazine’s April 13, 2009 article ‘How Obama is Using the Science of Change’. As the fabric of western civilization, and traditional values of family, gender, and even macro economic concepts like “development” were degraded during this period, the military industrial complex had a field day as Sunstein’s wife Samantha Power worked closely with Susan Rice in the promotion of “humanitarian bombings” of small nations under Soros’ Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

After the Great Reset Agenda was announced in June 2020, Sunstein was recruited to head the propaganda wing of the World Health Organization known as the WHO Technical Advisory Group where his skills in mass behavior modification was put to use in order to counteract the dangerous spread of conspiracy theories that persuaded large chunks of the world population that COVID-19 was part of a larger conspiracy to undermine national sovereignty and impose world government.

The head of WHO described Sunstein’s mandate in the following terms:
“In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are using a range of tools to influence behavior: Information campaigns are one tool, but so are laws, regulations, guidelines and even fines…That’s why behavioral science is so important.”
Today, hundreds of Obama-era behaviorists have streamed back into influential positions of government under the new “scientifically managed”, evidence-based governance coming back to life under Biden promising to undo the dark days of President Trump.

Ideologues who have been on record calling for world government, the elimination of the sick and elderly (see Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emmanuel’s Why I Hope to Die At 75), and population control are streaming back into positions of influence.
If you think that anything they have done to return to power is unlawful, or antithetical to the principles of the Constitution, then these technocrats want you to know that you are a delusional conspiracy theorist and as such, represent a potential threat to yourself and the society of which you are but a part.
If you question World Health Organization narratives on COVID-19, or doubt the use of vaccines produced by organizations like Astra Zeneca due to their ties to eugenics organizations then you are a delusional conspiracy theorist.
If you doubt that global warming is caused by carbon dioxide or that implementing the Paris Climate accords may cause more damage to humanity than climate change ever could, then you must be a conspiracy theorist.
If you believe that the U.S. government just went through a regime change coordinated by something called “the deep state”, then you run the risk of being labelled a delusional threat to “the general welfare” deserving of the sort of treatment dolled out to any typical terrorist.
It appears that the many comforts we have taken for granted over the past 50-year drunken stupor called “globalization” are quickly coming to an end, and thankfully not one but two opposing intentions for what the new operating system will be are actively vying for control. This clash was witnessed in stark terms during the January 2021 Davos Summit, where Xi Jinping and Putin’s call for a new system of win-win cooperation, multipolarity and long-term development offset the unipolar zero-sum ideologues of the west seeking to undo the foundations of industrial civilization.

Either way you look at it, conspiracies for good and for evil do exist now, as they have from time immemorial. The only question is which intention do you want to devote your life towards?


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The agency founded because of 9/11 is shifting to face the threat of domestic terrorism
Nick Miroff 2 days ago

On a Saturday morning in August 2019, a 21-year-old White man with ear protectors, safety glasses and an AK-47-style rifle walked into a crowded Walmart in El Paso, his pockets bulging with ammunition. He had driven hundreds of miles across Texas, prosecutors say, because he wanted to kill Latinos.

Kevin McAleenan, the acting homeland security secretary, was at a Coast Guard picnic in Virginia that day, and soon the urgent messages began arriving. A sinking feeling of horror set in as the magnitude of the attack became clear. “It was devastating,” he said.

Twenty-three people were killed in the worst attack on Hispanic Americans in modern U.S. history.

About 5,000 U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees live in El Paso, and six lost family members that day. “To have an individual attack us, at one of the home bases of our agency and specifically going after Hispanic Americans who make up a majority of our employees in that area, was very personal for us, and it galvanized an effort that was already underway,” McAleenan said.

For years leading up to El Paso, the Department of Homeland Security — created to prevent another 9/11 — had been under growing pressure to do more to address domestic extremism.

Within seven weeks of the El Paso massacre, McAleenan released a plan for “countering terrorism and targeted violence” that amounted to a road map for the department’s pivot from foreign threats to homegrown ones. It was the first time DHS had identified the extent of the danger posed by domestic violent extremists and white supremacists.

The plan got little attention or support from the White House, and even though DHS began speaking more directly about domestic threats, the effort made little difference on Jan. 6, when the department was one of several federal agencies caught flat-footed. Since that day’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, calls have intensified for DHS to emphatically turn its attention inward and do more to protect Americans from other Americans.

[‘Be ready to fight’: FBI probe of U.S. Capitol riot finds evidence detailing coordination of an assault]
The attack has left many lawmakers, and especially Democrats, insisting that domestic terrorism has eclipsed the threat from foreign actors such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. DHS and its agencies are responsible for securing the country’s borders, ports, transportation and cyber systems, generally leaving the monitoring of extremist groups and terrorism investigations to the FBI. But DHS and its agencies have nearly eight times as many employees as the FBI, and calls for the department to play a more muscular role in combating domestic extremism have policymakers looking at new ways to enlist its resources.

The proposals have revived some of the civil liberties concerns that arose after the creation of the department as a large, internal security bureaucracy with a broad mandate. And the possibility of the department scrutinizing Americans has added to the unease because providing homeland security is less controversial when the threats are foreign.

DHS used its National Terrorism Advisory System to warn the public about attacks by domestic groups for the first time last month, citing “a heightened threat environment across the United States” in a bulletin issued a week after President Biden’s inauguration.

“Ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence,” the warning stated.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has long insisted DHS should protect Americans from the gravest dangers they face, and he said that domestic extremists and white supremacists present the most urgent, lethal threat.

“A lot of them mask themselves under some guise of being patriots or some form of citizen, but the question is, what do they advocate? It’s violence. It’s overthrowing legitimately elected officials,” Thompson said in an interview.

“So in my mind, those types of individuals who want to exercise violence to bring change, they are domestic terrorists, and we have the obligation to identify who they are and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

During a hearing Thompson held earlier this month, lawmakers of both parties spoke favorably of new legislation to specifically address domestic terrorism, as experts warned the attack on the Capitol was viewed as a “victory” for extremists and a “watershed moment for the white-supremacist movement.”

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), the committee’s former chairman, joined lawmakers calling for specific federal sanctions for domestic terrorism, potentially applying the same penalties as those that exist for terrorism that originates overseas. Such legislation could include penalties for providing material support to domestic groups and laws holding technology companies responsible for violent and extremist content on their platforms.

“I think it sends a strong message about where Congress is that we’re going to treat domestic terrorism on an equal plane as international terrorism,” McCaul said.

Preventive work

Contrary to some television portrayals, DHS does not have a standing contingent of armed homeland security agents with a specific mandate to stop domestic terrorism. But it has agencies and programs that could expand to devote more attention and resources to risks posed by homegrown extremists.

DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis collects information from the FBI, private contractors and state and local law enforcement agencies to organize and disseminate threat reports. Its employees and contractors generally lack the training and experience of FBI investigators, and they rely on open-source material.

The office failed to generate a specific warning about the possibility of right-wing groups storming the Capitol in an attempt to keep President Donald Trump in power.

Homeland Security Investigations, a branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has about 6,000 agents nationwide who investigate drug smuggling, human trafficking and illicit goods or currency. HSI has not focused on countering domestic extremism, but it is an armed component of DHS that, in theory, could have a more hands-on role stopping homegrown terrorists and white supremacists.

DHS’s most tangible institutional response is the Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention, founded in 2019 to address “a growing threat from domestic actors — such as racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists, including white supremacist violent extremists, anti-government and anti-authority violent extremists, and others.”

[Seeking to combat extremists in ranks, the military struggles to answer a basic question: How many are there?]
Its work is primarily preventive, not investigative, providing grants to state and local law enforcement programs and issuing threat briefings and assessments. The office remains relatively small, with a staff of about 30, but it is expected to grow in the coming years with more congressional funding.

“In the post-9/11 world, the threat was foreign terrorism,” Tom Ridge, the first DHS secretary, said in an interview. “The CIA and the military were the tip of the spear, and we filled the defensive gap. But now there’s another adjective in front of terrorism: domestic terrorism.”

The well-known failure of law enforcement and security agencies to properly share information ahead of the 9/11 attack was a justification for the creation of DHS, Ridge noted. So an immediate challenge for DHS will be coordination among multiple federal agencies that collect and share information on domestic groups, he said.

Much of it arrives through state and local law enforcement agencies, and DHS’s biggest asset, Ridge said, “is its relationships with state and local authorities.”

Yet Ridge cautioned against DHS turning its attention away from foreign threats and other priorities. “What people don’t understand — and people need to understand — is that DHS has so many other tasks embedded in its mission,” he said. “It’s a multitask organization, and DHS has to be careful moving in that direction because I still don’t think it’s their primary job.”

Another risk is partisanship and the perception that DHS will be used to stigmatize or harass groups that don’t support the party in power.

In September, the former head of DHS’s Intelligence and Analysis Office, Brian Murphy, filed a whistleblower complaint that included allegations that senior DHS officials sought to play down warnings of the threat posed by white supremacists, while giving more prominence to left-wing antifascists and anarchists. Murphy told his supervisors it would constitute “censorship of analysis and the improper administration of an intelligence program,” according to his account.
His claims remain under investigation with DHS’s inspector general. Other former DHS officials, including some who are critical of Trump, insist the department did not water down the threats of right-wing and white-supremacist groups. They point to new DHS programs and strong language in recent reports clearly identifying the threat posed by domestic extremists.

McAleenan, the former acting DHS secretary, also noted a major increase in FBI investigations of domestic extremists and white supremacists in recent years.

“What was missing was a whole-of-government approach and an emphasis from the White House that it was a priority,” McAleenan said.

McAleenan had taken over DHS after Trump soured on Kirstjen Nielsen and removed her in April 2019. Nielsen directed her staff to develop plans for countering targeted violence and domestic hate groups, particularly after the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas and the 2018 attack on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Then came El Paso.

“We’d been tracking domestic terrorist threats and increased threats from white supremacists, but El Paso brought it home in a visceral way,” McAleenan, the former CBP commissioner, said in an interview.

The gunman posted a missive before the Walmart rampage espousing racist theories of demographic replacement that echoed Trump’s statements about an immigrant “invasion.”

“El Paso made it clear we needed a reorientation of DHS towards the current threat, both with respect to white supremacy but also domestic extremism more broadly,” said Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a counterterrorism consultant who worked with McAleenan to come up with the road map for DHS’s expanded role countering targeted violence and terrorism.

An effort by a DHS analyst in 2009 to identify white supremacists and other extremist groups as a growing threat had fallen apart amid a backlash from Republicans who viewed it in partisan terms. The chilling effect lingered for years and discouraged analysts from devoting time and resources to domestic threats that lacked a link to foreign groups.

The Strategic Framework after El Paso was a “green light” from DHS leadership, Gartenstein-Ross said, signaling that hateful, racist and violent Americans were an urgent threat and a priority for the department.

A persistent threat

In October, DHS identified violent extremism in the United States as the leading domestic terrorism danger, noting that white supremacists were responsible for more killings in 2018 and 2019 than any other type of attacker.

“The primary terrorist threat inside the United States will stem from lone offenders and small cells of individuals,” said the department’s first Homeland Threat Assessment. “Some U.S.-based violent extremists have capitalized on increased social and political tensions in 2020, which will drive an elevated threat environment at least through early 2021.”

The coronavirus pandemic was making matters worse, the report noted, by creating an environment that could “accelerate some individuals’ mobilization to targeted violence or radicalization to terrorism.”

It was a description, in general terms, of the anger and fury that fueled the Capitol attack.
Chad Wolf, the former acting DHS secretary who published the threat assessment, said DHS had a contingent of Customs and Border Protection officers and agents on standby on the day of the Capitol riot, but they were not called on by Capitol Police. “We don’t have jurisdiction for the protection of the U.S. Capitol,” he said.

During last summer’s street protests following the police killing of George Floyd, Wolf was criticized by Democrats and former homeland security leaders for sending DHS agents and officers to quell civil unrest and use force against sometimes violent protests targeting a federal courthouse in downtown Portland, Ore.

Trump was campaigning on a “law and order” message, echoed by DHS leaders, that fueled the politicization of the department’s domestic role. And the scenes of CBP and ICE tactical officers in military fatigues stuffing suspects into rental vehicles in Portland quickly became a symbol of heavy-handed federal law enforcement.

In an interview, Wolf said he welcomed the bipartisan calls in the wake of Jan. 6 for a greater DHS focus on domestic extremism. “On the same token, I get frustrated because when we were in the thick of it last summer in Portland, there were no huge calls, except for vocal Republicans, saying we have to call out violence,” he said. “I think there’s a fine line — and we dealt with it — between protected First Amendment speech and what is considered hate and criminal activity.”

In a sobering moment during the House hearing this month where lawmakers discussed new domestic terrorism legislation, former DHS adviser Elizabeth Neumann warned committee members the threat would probably persist for “10 to 20 years.”

Neumann, who was DHS counterterrorism adviser under Trump, helped oversee the creation of a new contingent of DHS “regional coordinators” who work with state and local officials to prevent radicalization and recruitment by hate groups.

The approach places a greater emphasis on the social and psychological factors that lead to extremist violence. DHS has a dozen regional coordinators across the country, but Neumann said the goal is to expand their presence to every U.S. state.

“What we have been seeing the last five to six years is individuals with unmet needs who quickly radicalize according to whatever ideology they stumble upon,” Neumann said in an interview.

“We’re dealing with a phenomenon in this country of vulnerable, disaffected individuals who are being preyed upon or seeking it out themselves. And when it comes to prevention, what we’ve learned is that law enforcement agencies aren’t necessarily the best to do interventions,” she said.

“If someone has planned an attack, that is law enforcement territory. That person is too far gone. But when a person is on that journey to radicalization, their family members and loved ones notice changes in their behavior.”

Neumann predicted it will take five to 10 years to build out a more robust effort at DHS to prevent radicalization and extremism. What’s challenging about the current moment, Neumann added, is the speed with which radicalization occurs, as individuals can quickly go from embracing an ideology to planning an attack.

“We have so many people talking online and using war metaphors,” she said. “Are they using those terms to actually mean war? It’s very hard to discern when you have so many people participating in angry rhetoric.”



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Does anyone care to say it is over?

I don't.

Neither does Michael van der Veen.

We follow President Trump's example and carry on Breitbart's work.
Nice article that says everything you want to know about the Left - who don't want you to have it.

Edison said it about free enterprise and entrepreneurial humans. "We intend to make the electric light so cheap only the rich will be able to afford to burn candles."

The Left would have you all go back and burn candles - and exhaust your savings in doing so. Also apply this to EVERY OTHER FACET OF AMERICAN LIFE including housing, energy, medical care, transportation, protection for yourselves, even fertilizer to make the grass green on your postage stamp piece of America.

It is so ironic the Leftist cry is "its for the children" - when they obviously don't want your children to have a better lifestyle than yourselves.




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Laura Loomer’s Lawsuit Against Big Tech Censorship Makes It to Supreme Court Docket

By Jim Hoft
Published February 17, 2021 at 9:51am

In January 2020, former Republican Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer filed a formal Federal Election Commission complaint against Twitter for providing in-kind corporate contributions to her opponent, Democrat Congresswoman Lois Frankel, by censoring her from the platform.

Loomer, 26, is one of the most banned political commentators, and now candidates for office, in the nation — having been kicked off Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Lyft, PayPal, GoFundMe, and other platforms for her fierce and controversial criticism of Islam.

In December 2019, Twitter announced that they would be verifying all congressional and gubernatorial candidates to “level the playing field.” When asked by The Gateway Pundit if the new policy meant they would reinstate banned candidates, specifically citing Loomer, they said no and that anyone who was permanently suspended will not be reinstated, verified or labeled.

Loomer’s campaign website explained to Gateway Pundit at the time that by keeping her off the platform, Twitter is providing her opponent with a “significant benefit.”

Now the US Supreme Court is considering whether to hear Laura Loomer’s case against the big tech gods over viewpoint discrimination.

Allum Bokhari
at reported:
The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether or not to hear a case brought by Laura Loomer and Freedom Watch against Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, alleging that the Masters of the Universe have been discriminating on the basis of viewpoint and coordinating with each other in an anticompetitive manner.
Loomer is represented by Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman. The case dates back to 2018, when Loomer and Klayman sued Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple over allegations that the platforms violated the First Amendment, the Sherman Antitrust Act, and the District of Columbia Human Rights Act.
Read the rest here. [See next article]


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Laura Loomer’s Big Tech Censorship Case Hits Supreme Court Docket
Masters of the Universe
ALLUM BOKHARI16 Feb 2021114

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether or not to hear a case brought by Laura Loomer and Freedom Watch against Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter, alleging that the Masters of the Universe have been discriminating on the basis of viewpoint and coordinating with each other in an anticompetitive manner.

Loomer is represented by Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman. The case dates back to 2018, when Loomer and Klayman sued Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple over allegations that the platforms violated the First Amendment, the Sherman Antitrust Act, and the District of Columbia Human Rights Act.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the dismissal of the plaintiff’s First Amendment case last year, but the plaintiffs have now appealed the case to the Supreme Court, which has not yet heard any major case on the issue of tech censorship.

In October last year, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas indicated that he thought legal protections for tech companies are too broad.

Via Breitbart News:
According to a report by Axios, Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that Section 230 of the CDA should be narrowed. Section 230 grants broad legal protections to social media companies with regard to content posted by users.
In a statement issued in response to a petition for writ of certiorari, Justice Thomas argued that Section 230 declares that social media platforms are not “publishers,” which means that they cannot be held liable for content posted by their users. Some industry analysts have suggested that platforms should be responsible for certain content on their platform, and for the censorship of content from their platforms, an act that makes them a publisher instead of a platform.
Loomer contested Floridas’ 21st congressional district for the Republican party in 2020, the only major political candidate in the country who was denied access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and PayPal.


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Biden Administration Suggests Foreign Workers Have a Right to Take U.S. Jobs

380976 04: Maria Olga Perez de Castillo, 38, and her four children ages 7 to 17 receive immigrant visas, October 27, 2000, at the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, after a six-year wait. They will join their father Raul Alberto Castillo in Pearsall, Texas where he has lived since …
Joe Raedle/Newsmakers
JOHN BINDER17 Feb 20219

President Joe Biden’s administration is suggesting that foreign workers have a right to compete for jobs in the United States labor market against jobless Americans.

Last year, in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, former President Trump signed an executive order halting the admission of H-1B, H-4, H-2B, L, and J-1 foreign visa workers to protect the U.S. labor market.
The order sought to free up at least 600,000 jobs for millions of Americans facing joblessness and underemployment.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the Biden administration would renew the order, as it is set to expire next month, but she dodged the question and suggested that protecting the U.S. labor market from foreign competition was “immoral.”

“Let me talk to our Department of Homeland Security. It’s likely a conversation that would happen in coordination with them,” Psaki said of discussions about whether Biden would let the order expire.

“Obviously, the president’s view is that the approach of the prior administration was immoral but also ineffective in terms of addressing the many challenges of an outdated immigration system,” Psaki continued. “But I don’t have an update on those particular requirements.”

Should Biden allow the order to expire, companies would be permitted to import hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to take U.S. jobs, even as more than 17 million Americans remain unemployed — including 1.5 million teenagers, 930,00 black Americans, and 870,000 Hispanics.

Protections for the U.S. labor market are some of the most popular policies among likely voters despite their overwhelming opposition by the big business lobby and corporate interests who are invested in spiking their profit margins by cutting the cost of labor.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,250 likely voters reveals that 74 percent want a reduction to legal immigration levels which are currently set at about 1.2 million green card admissions a year. Similarly, 65 percent say it is better for businesses to raise U.S. wages and try harder to recruit jobless Americans instead of importing foreign workers. Another 61 percent say the U.S. labor market has enough so-called “high-skilled” workers and does not need more.


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Russia Blasts Biden Regime For ‘Persecution’ Of Trump Supporters, Political Dissidents

Russia calls on the United States to observe the human rights of political opponents.

Eduardo Rivero

February 17, 2021

Russia Blasts Biden Regime For ‘Persecution’ Of Trump Supporters, Political Dissidents

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement lambasting the United States government under Joe Biden for the “ongoing persecution campaign” taking place “against anybody at all who does not agree with the results of the latest presidential election.”

In the statement, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova delivered a scathing assessment of the human rights situation in the United States under President Joe Biden.

Zakharova described the ongoing crackdown against Trump loyalists in the United States:
“The FBI has reportedly opened more than 400 criminal cases and applied for more than 500 search warrants and subpoenas for suspects; it has also brought charges against and detained around 200 people. Only several dozen defendants have been released on bail or placed under house arrest. The others are being subjected to harsh pressure, with members of their family and social circle being coerced into giving a ‘convenient’ testimony. Moreover, people who have not even been officially charged are losing their jobs; they are being banned from social media and publicly ostracised.”
She also questioned the “objectivity of the law enforcement agencies” involved in this campaign, noting that they were acting under orders and “in line with the narrative of the current administration who declared the events of January 6, 2021 a riot and everybody who was near the US Congress on that day all but plunderers.”

She went on to correctly note that far from being violent rioters, most of the attendees of the January 6 rally were peaceful protesters.

“In fact, the majority of those people were ordinary citizens concerned about the situation in their own country,” she said. “These were 74 million voters who voted for their president and defended their views.”

She warned that the administration’s crackdown would not solve the widespread discontent towards Biden’s rule:
“Their protest will not just go away. You cannot just sweep discontent under the rug. Even the rhetoric that the United States allows itself to use with respect to Russia will not help distract public attention from the country’s own problems. They will have to be dealt with. US citizens deserve to be treated according to the law and in line with Washington’s international obligations.”
Accordingly, she then called on the United States to respect the “basic human rights” of Trump supporters.

“In this context, we have every reason to express concern and demand that basic human rights be observed,” she added. “US officials are constantly and hypocritically taking care of these rights when it comes to other countries; and yet, they have no scruples in ignoring them at home.”

As the human rights situation continues to deteriorate in the United States, it is becoming apparent to the world that Trump supporters are a repressed group in Biden’s America.


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How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights
JANUARY 16, 2021

The civil-rights movement, led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. , helped deliver America from the historic sins of slavery and Jim Crow by forcing the nation to confront the full humanity of its black citizens. King’s words and actions glorified America by transfiguring its racial wound and revealing its redemptive promise.

Yet today many black leaders have lost sight of King altogether and are aiding and abetting the crucifixion of their own people. Rather than hope, they see despair; rather than the Easter Sunday of true liberation, they offer the bleak Good Friday of never-ending misery.

The history of black American responses to slavery and Jim Crow generally followed three paths. They were hotly debated, but all emphasized human agency, sought liberation, and rejected despair.

First, there were the recolonization or “back to Africa” movements championed by the likes of Marcus Garvey. These movements sought an exit from America.

Second, there were the insurrectionists of the 19th century, who believed that black Americans should engage in armed rebellion or vocal opposition so that they might find a home in this country. Here lie Nat Turner and, later, W.E.B. Du Bois. They wanted to have their resistant voice heard in America.

Third, there were accommodationist movements of the sort undertaken by Booker T. Washington, who thought that loyalty to America was the best course.

Exit, voice, loyalty—however different these strategies were, each supposed that human agency mattered, that oppression wasn’t destiny. That is why, even amid great struggle, black Americans responded by building their own institutions and businesses. Great universities, medical schools, hotels, restaurants, movie companies and even a flight school sprung up. All of this was self-financed—and made possible by two-parent families, churches and other cultural institutions that provided shelter against the outside storm of racism.

In the 20th century, that same creative conflict between these three schools of thought reappeared.

Debaters included the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Black Panther Party and the Republic of New Africa, which sought to establish a separate black state within our borders as an exit strategy.

King offered an inspiring combination of the strategies of loyalty and voice. In 1960, when students in Greensboro, N.C., became frustrated with the slow pace of legal action favored by Thurgood Marshall, King was sent to discourage them from engaging in civil disobedience. The students told King to lead, follow or get out of the way. They were determined to liberate themselves. They understood the difficulties and were undeterred by the obstacles. Like King, they were willing to persevere toward justice even when it was inconvenient, and to suffer the consequences of their actions. Hope, not hopelessness, animated all that they did.

King paid a heavy personal price for his hope that America was redeemable. Twice his home was bombed; once, his wife and daughter were nearly killed. Surrounded by hundreds of angry, armed black men after that bombing, he discouraged retaliatory violence. He was assaulted several times, and jailed as well, but he remained steadfast in his commitment to nonviolence. He united black Americans behind the proposition that racism is evil in itself, not simply because white people visited it upon blacks, and that all must unite to combat evil. He warned us about the self-destructive path of violence, not only for blacks but for the whole nation.

One of the original arguments to justify slavery was that blacks were morally inferior and thus incapable of self-government. John C. Calhoun famously asserted: “There is no instance of any civilized colored race of any shade being found equal to the establishment and maintenance of free government.” Black efforts at self-liberation in the 19th and 20th centuries were based on the opposite assumption.

Today many black leaders defer to angry white progressives who make the same arguments about blacks’ lack of moral agency, reject the country’s founding principles, and seek to undermine its institutions. For months, the radical left has been exploiting the country’s genuine concern for fairness to keep blacks in a constant state of agitation, anger and grievance, urging them toward behavior that lives down to the slanderous stereotypes of white supremacists. The leaders of these movements insist that every inequity suffered by blacks is caused by institutional and structural racism, that they have no power to liberate themselves, and that they will remain oppressed until white people change. Even to raise the issue of what role self-determination plays for blacks earns you the label of “racist.”

Civil-rights organizations and their leadership, as well as the Congressional Black Caucus, need to wake up before it’s too late. A faction of black leaders has been silent about, or complicit in, the takeover of the civil-rights movement by the radical left. The effect of this is not to glorify black achievement but to crucify low-income blacks, who are represented in national media outlets by their worst-behaved members, and bear the brunt of the attacks by the woke radical left on the cities where they live.

“Justice” for black America cannot be achieved by framing it solely through the distorted lens of the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others in fatal police encounters. For every unarmed black American killed by the police, hundreds are killed in neighborhood homicides.

Those who call for the defunding of police departments, such as leaders of the official Black Lives Matter organization, are silent about this inconvenient truth. They have a narrative and cannot let the facts get in the way. Their story is that the whole of American history is stained and the whole of America must be overthrown. When citizens declare that they support Black Lives Matter, do they share its opposition to the nuclear family, its objective of abolishing the police, and its view that the Christian cross is a symbol of white supremacy? These positions of the organization—language that has largely been scrubbed from its website—in no way improve the lives of black Americans. They give up on black America and encourage its needless suffering.

Like all Americans, blacks have triumphed over their circumstances only when they have adopted bourgeois virtues such as hard work, respect for learning, self-discipline, faith and personal responsibility. In the 19th century, Frederick Douglass found reading to be the key to his own personal liberation amid slavery, and he understood that whites deliberately withheld literacy from blacks precisely because it was so valuable.

Bourgeois values drove blacks to build the powerful religious, fraternal, and other voluntary associations that helped them thrive in the worst days of Jim Crow and cultivated the essential virtues in the next generation.

There would have been no civil-rights movement without this. But radical progressives now insist that such virtues are the legacy of white supremacy, colonialist values that reflect the continuing bondage of blacks to oppressive Western culture. The only “authentic” expression of blackness in America, they claim, is the opposite of bourgeois self-restraint and discipline—indulging in the passions of the moment, whether anarchic rioting, insulting teachers or other unsalutary forms of expression. The radical left—disdaining exhortations toward work, family and faith as “respectability politics”—argues that blacks should feel free to indulge their “true” nature, echoing the age-old white-supremacist notion that said nature is violent, lascivious and incapable of self-restraint.

The slave masters’ trick of old was to dissuade blacks from adopting bourgeois values precisely so they could be kept in servitude. Marriage was forbidden and families were split apart. Douglass observed that slaves were encouraged to indulge in drink and debauchery during the holidays so they would be “led to think that there was little to choose between liberty and slavery. We felt, and very properly too, that we had almost as well be slaves to man as to rum. So, when the holidays ended, we staggered up from the filth of our wallowing, took a long breath, and marched to the field—feeling, upon the whole, rather glad to go, from what our master had deceived us into a belief was freedom, back to the arms of slavery.”

But there were always those who saw through the trick and used the holidays to hunt, make items for sale, visit distant family members, and hire out their own labor. Some of these were even able—eventually—to purchase their freedom.

Tellingly, leftist elites teach their own children the values of working and studying hard even as they encourage behavior among blacks that will make sure they remain uncompetitive but “authentic.” By the time young blacks today discover, as did the slaves of Douglass’s time, that freedom understood as “do whatever you feel like” is no way to build a worthwhile life, it will be too late. The fruits of the civil-rights movement’s hard labor—teaching the young to be so self-disciplined that they were able to resist responding in kind to hatred and abuse from whites—will have been lost.

We must turn away from the present course, which preaches despair rather than hope. Black achievement must be glorified. The crucifixion of black America by the radical left must halt. There is a grander, more fruitful future for us all.


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/ Exclusive
Gina Carano Was Right: The Disturbing Parallels Between 2021 America And 1932 Germany
February 16, 2021 (1d ago)

the following is a guest post by an historian and writer living in the United States

Actress Gina Carano became one of the highest-profile celebrity victims of cancel culture last week, when she was dropped from The Mandalorian, fired by Disney, and dumped by her talent agency. As most people know, Carano’s fatal error was believing she still lived in a society with genuine freedom of expression.

Carano’s message was straightforward: Americans are being taught to hate one another, in a manner that disturbingly evokes Germany prior to World War II.

Disney denounced Carano’s post as “abhorrent,” and swiftly kicked her off the show. Reporting on the incident has invited passive bystanders to believe Carano said something anti-Semitic, when of course her post was the exact opposite.

Carano’s post was clumsy, the kind routinely seen from Baby Boomers posting on Facebook. But Carano’s post was ultimately much closer to reality than even her defenders realize. America’s political situation right now carries disturbing similarities to Germany just before the Third Reich. And it isn’t people on the right who resemble Nazis.

But first, a couple things this article is not:

-This is not a rant about “Weimerica.” There are essays claiming that America resembles pre-Nazi Germany based on the rise of transgenderism, a decline in sexual morality, or other social trends. Whether that comparison is valid or not, this essay is focused purely on political culture.

-This is not a shrill claim that “Democrats are Nazis,” that Republicans are treated on par with Jews in Nazi Germany, or anything of the sort. Instead, this is an effort to point out the worrisome and growing parallels between the political culture of late Weimar Germany, and the political culture that America is embracing with more fervor every day.

For decades, the rallying cry against the Holocaust has been “never again.” But “again” will only be “never” if we take care to understand what the precursors to politically-motivated atrocities look like, and stop them before they grow too severe.

Politicizing Everything

To the Nazi Party, everything was political. The party subordinated ever sector of society and every human endeavor to its broader political and social agenda. Recent breakthroughs in physics such as the theory of relativity, achieved substantially by Jewish physicists, were labeled Jüdische Physik (“Jewish physics”), and rejected in favor of Deutsche Physik (“German physics”). Christianity was marginalized through the promotion of Nazi-aligned “Positive Christianity.”

And of course, the Nazis were very interested in the ideological state of art. Well before seizing power, the Nazis founded their own party film office and wrote about film’s propaganda value. After taking power, they founded the Reichsfilmkammer, which controlled employment in the film industry. Membership was mandatory for any who wanted to work in the movie industry, thereby ensure total ideological conformity. No doubt that aspect would resonate with Carano, who besides losing her role in The Mandalorian was also dropped by her talent agency for expressing her views.

The same phenomenon shines through in the America of 2021. Progressives might express shock at how the Nazis politicized the field of physics, and then promptly turn around and assert that mathematics is a part of “white supremacy.” Another example of this happened just days ago:


The progressive organization “Showing Up for Racial Justice,” meanwhile, teaches that “worship of the written word” and “the belief that there is such a thing as being objective” are both signs of white supremacy.

Sports, previously a unifying part of American life and a refuge from politics, was completely politicized in the past season. The NFL stenciled “End Racism” into its endzones. Players were encouraged to wear the names of alleged victims of racism on their helmets. The list of allowed names showed a clear intent to kowtow to Black Lives Matter over all other causes.

Just about every organization, group, or hobby where adherents of left-wing identity politics are present is experiencing a “reckoning” (i.e. a capitulation to political demands). Country music? Racial reckoning. Birdwatching? Racial reckoning. Dungeons and Dragons? Racial reckoning.

Should Warner Bros. make a Harry Potter TV show? A decade ago, the only relevant question was “would people watch it?” Today, long essays argue that Rowling’s entirely irrelevant views on transgenderism mean a new Potter show is categorically unacceptable.

The political colonization of all American life can be seen in surveys. A 2016 poll found that liberals were about three times as likely to unfriend or unfollow a person online because of their political views. Seventy-one percent of Democrats say they likely or absolutely would not date a Trump voter, 24 percentage points greater than the inverse.

Violence as a political tool, bolstered by the state

Even when they did not officially hold power or command an electoral majority, Nazis were able to use violence to hurt their enemies and help themselves, benefiting from friends in high places — bureaucrats, judges, and business leaders — who, critically, helped them avoid consequences for breaking the law.

The single most famous beneficiary of this was, of course, Hitler himself. In 1923, Hitler and the nascent Nazi Party took over a beer hall in Munich, hoping to launch a “March on Berlin” and seize power much in the way Benito Mussolini had taken power in Italy after a march on Rome. The putsch was a mess and soon collapsed, with 16 Nazis and four police officers dying. Hitler was put on trial for treason, and convicted. But thanks to favorable treatment from the court system, Hitler was allowed to use his three-week trial as a soapbox for his political ideology. When convicted, Hitler received a five year sentence, but he served a mere nine months. Since Hitler was an Austrian national, he should have been deported from the country as well, but the favorably-disposed court simply refused to enforce Germany’s immigration laws (imagine that!).

More broadly, Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s was wracked by low-level political violence. The SA, the Nazi’s paramilitary group, is still well-known today, but what is less known is that the Communists and even the Social Democratic Party also had their own violent paramilitary wings. The groups routinely disrupted each others’ meetings and rallies, but as tensions escalated, the Nazis benefited from a judiciary that was, on balance, more favorably disposed toward them. The Communist paramilitary group, the Roter Frontkämpferbund, was banned in 1929, but the SA was never given the same treatment.

The result was a persistent pattern. Nazis could use violence as a political asset, to intimidate and threaten their opponents and demonstrate strength, without facing meaningful legal consequences.

It takes only the most basic powers of pattern recognition to see that, today, it is the left that enjoys far greater leeway for political violence. In spring 2016, attendees at a Trump rally in San Jose were assaulted by a mob of demonstrators, while police stood aside (allegedly on the mayor’s orders).

In October 2019, two members of the Proud Boys were sentenced to four years in prison each for their role in a brawl outside New York’s Metropolitan Club. The sentences were remarkable, because prosecutors could not produce any victims for the men’s actions. The black clad people they fought with, likely members of Antifa, refused to cooperate with the police at all.

While right-wing hooligans were sent to prison for an entire presidential term over an attack with no known victim, Antifa professor Eric Clanton assaulted strangers with a bike lock. His punishment? Thanks to sympathetic prosecutors, his four violent felonies were turned into a single misdemeanor and he received three years of probation.

The apotheosis of this trend came in the summer of 2020, though. Last summer, the left effectively launched and then egged on the worst riots in the U.S. in nearly 30 years. As rioters looted and burned Minneapolis, eventually causing $500 million in damage, future vice president Kamala Harris urged supporters to donate to a bail fund to get arrested rioters back on the streets.


CNN’s Chris Cuomo openly suggested there was nothing wrong with less-than-peaceful “protests,” provided of course he was sympathetic to their aims:

.18 min

With hundreds of small businesses still smoldering, Wellesley professor Kellie Carter-Jackson appeared on a Slate podcast to explain that “Big structural change in America doesn’t happen without violence.”

When rioters shifted from looting small businesses to targeted attacks on American heritage, Nancy Pelosi dismissed it as nothing. For her, of course, it was all part of the usual playbook:

1:35 min

In Portland, Antifa rioters clashed with police and federal agents for weeks on end. When they encountered resistance, The New Republic described it as a “historic federal crackdown on dissent.”

It was, of course, nothing of the sort. The historic crackdown on dissent is coming right now, against the right.

The Capitol riot stands out precisely because it was one of the only moments in the past half-century where right-leaning protesters used the tactics that the left has embraced routinely. Now, government officials are openly boasting that this manhunt is the most aggressive in FBI history:
The flood of protesters who streamed into the Capitol that day left federal authorities with an equally immense task: finding and charging those responsible. Last month, acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said, “The scope and scale of this investigation in these cases are really unprecedented, not only in FBI history but probably DOJ history.”
So far, federal prosecutors say they’ve charged approximately 234 people for their alleged roles in the riot and opened over 400 investigations into possible criminals. [CBS News]
According to Sherwin, “almost all” of the 234 people charged for the Capitol riots are charged with “significant federal felonies” carrying penalties of at least five years in prison.

In a remarkable coincidence, exactly 234 people were also charged for their involvement in riots during Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017. In the end, exactly one was convicted on a felony charge. He served four months.

Part 1 of 2


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Part 2 of 2

Group guilt, conspiracy theories, and blood libel

A central myth for the Nazis was the “stab in the back,” the claim that Germany’s defeat in World War I and all its subsequent problems were due to treason from within, especially by Jews.

The myth was false, but crucially, it exploited real facts to exert a hold on the public. The leaders of the 1919 Communist uprisings in Germany, like the Spartacist uprising in Berlin and the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic, were substantially Jewish, which Nazis exploited to promote the idea of a “Jewist plot” to lost World War I. For the Nazis, it was never enough to oppose Communism. The party routinely blasted the concept of “Judeo-Bolshevism,” conveniently merging its most-hated ideology with a scapegoat ethnic group.

From this, it’s easy to draw a parallel to the endless witch hunt for “white supremacy” in every sector of American life. Jim Crow was real, and for a century after the Civil War racism was a very real part of American law and American society.

By now, though, “institutional racism” is little more than a conspiracy theory. Laws at all levels of government prohibit racial discrimination against blacks, often with severe penalties for doing so. Admissions at thousands of American schools expressly give favorable treatment to non-whites. Federal contracting gives favorable treatment to minority-owned firms.

Yet as set-asides and preferences pile up, the level of grievance only goes greater. Now, The New York Times promotes the 1619 Project, whose creator Nikole Hannah-Jones asserts that “anti-black racism runs in the very DNA of this country.” Books with titles like White Fragility, Whitelash, and White Rage shovel the blame for America’s challenges on the one racial group it has become acceptable to attack with impunity.

Over time, the ability to criticize whites as a group has transformed into more openly hateful and racist rhetoric. Last summer, The New York Times published a piece by columnist Charles Blow, which tarred white women as “instruments of terror,” collectively sharing guilt for torture and mass murder.

“There are too many noosed necks, charred bodies, and drowned souls for them to deny knowing precisely what they are doing,” Blow wrote (emphasis ours).

Rhetoric on white Americans frequently veers into the outright dehumanizing. For instance, in late January, Middlebury College hosted a virtual event titled “Middlebury’s Opportunity to Facilitate the Demilitarization of White Bodies.” The description of the event says that “in order to make any progress toward establishing and sustaining a genuinely representative democracy in the United States, Whiteness must be demilitarized so that bodies designated as ‘White’ might become human.”

Shortly after the Capitol riot, The Washington Post published an opinion column explaining that even non-white people could be guilty of “whiteness,” because in fact being white simply means being evil:
Multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political color and not simply a racial identity — a discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanization of others. [WaPo]
Cynical hunts for internal enemies

“Reichstag Fire” has become an idiom for a reason. Shortly after Hitler became chancellor in 1933, a Dutch Communist set fire to the Reichstag building. The fire was so conveniently-timed that ever since, historians have speculated it may have been a false flag. Whether the incident was planned or merely lucky, it was a boon to the Nazis. Party leaders instantly warned that, far from being an isolated episode, the fire was the first strike of a planned nationwide Communist uprising. The first official account of the fire, released within hours, said in part:
The burning of the Reichstag was intended to be the signal for a bloody uprising and civil war. Large-scale pillaging in Berlin was planned for as early as four o’clock in the morning on Tuesday.
It has been determined that starting today throughout Germany acts of terrorism were to begin against prominent individuals, against private property, against the lives and safety of the peaceful population, and general civil war was to be unleashed. … Communist newspapers, magazines, leaflets, and posters are banned for four months throughout Prussia. [Hitler, by Joachim Fest]
Within days, the Reichstag Fire decree suspended basic civil liberties and enabled the mass arrest of Communists or other political enemies. A shrill hunt for “insurrectionists” was crucial to the long-term Nazi seizure of power.

So of course, it’s worth noting just how much panic America has seen over “insurrectionists” and “sedition” thanks to the Capitol riot.

In the hours and days after the Capitol riot, the press and big tech used the moment opportunistically, not to address a real threat, but to crush enemies. Parler was labeled a tool of insurrection and “hate speech,” and taken offline. President Trump was banned from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, and was even cut off from his campaign email list. Countless supporters of the president were caught up in a social media purge as well.

More aggressive maneuvers are already in the works. The FBI sought, and received, banking information on ordinary Americans, looking to make as many arrests as possible. The Biden administration is mulling a new domestic terrorism law, which would supplement the already vast surveillance powers of the Patriot Act and the censorship powers of left-controlled big tech. General Stanley McChrystal, former commander in Afghanistan, compared supporters of the president to Al Qaeda. Former CIA station chief Robert Grenier used the pages of the New York Times to demands an Iraq-style counterinsurgency against domestic political foes:
If popular anger has crested, left in its wake is a bitter, simmering restiveness, one that will provide a nurturing environment for the worst among us — the extremists who seek a social apocalypse. Their numbers may be relatively small, but even a small slice of a nation of over three hundred million is substantial. Without a program of effective national action, they and their new adherents are capable of producing endemic political violence of a sort not seen in this country since Reconstruction.
The challenge facing us now is one of counterinsurgency. Though one may recoil at the thought, it provides the most useful template for action, which must consist of three elements. [NYT]
Just like the Reichstag Fire reaction, the over-the-top response to the Capitol Riot is built on myths. Claims of an insurrection, for instance, were built almost entirely on the claim that Trump supporters brutally murdered Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick. Now, thanks to reporting by Revolver it is clear that claim, reported as fact almost everywhere in the days after the riot, was false.

A purge in the universities

Nazi Germany recognized the enormous power wielded by the university system, and one of the party’s chief goals was to make higher education totally ideologically subservient to the party. In the spring of 1933, the party passed the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, which barred Jews and Communists from working as college professors (among other jobs).

Of course, American colleges have leaned to the left for longer than anyone has been alive. But it’s not widely realized how much more left-wing American colleges have become over the past 30 years.
When the Carnegie Foundation conducted its faculty survey in 1999, it found that a mere 12% of professors were conservatives, down from 27% in 1969. Using a different dataset from the Higher Education Research Institute, political scientist Samuel Abrams discovered a similar decline.
Overall, Abrams estimated that the ratio of liberal to conservative professors has increased by about 350% since 1984, even though there was no equivalent change among the American public or college students. [National Affairs]
In entire fields, right-of-center academics have nearly ceased to exist. In sociology, Democrats outnumber Republican 42-to-1. It’s easy to be dismissive of this tilt, but domination of the universities matters. Like it or not, almost every member of the American elite passes through the universities, giving them a powerful role in ideologically shaping our leaders. Universities shape which ideas are considered acceptable to think, and now they are entirely subservient to a single political faction.

A fragile constitution

The Nazis did not run on being a “conservative” party. They did not promise to protect the German constitution, or restore the old monarchical one from before the Great War. The Nazis promised (and delivered) enormous change to Germany’s laws and basic system of government.

They were able to do that because the Weimar constitutional order was weak. The Weimar constitution guaranteed freedom of speech, of association, of religion, and so forth. But constitutional rights and democratic systems only survive when elites treat them as legitimate, and sustain them instead of ignoring them in the pursuit of power. In Weimar Germany, that didn’t happen. Thanks to the calamities of Versailles and the Great Depression, democracy enjoyed feeble support in Germany, and there was instead large-scale support for both radical right-wing parties (of which the Nazis were only one) and Communist revolutionaries. With the passage of the Enabling Act in 1933, the Weimar constitution became an irrelevant dead letter.

In America, liberty has survived so long precisely because the Constitution and its norms have enjoyed so much prestige, including from elites. Even during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln held a democratic election. Even with total domination of the federal government, FDR failed to pack the Supreme Court.

President Biden has launched a Supreme Court commission whose purpose is to recommend “reforms” for the institution. For millions of leftists, only one reform will be enough: Packing the Court to achieve a new, preferably permanent, far-left majority.
Several liberal advocacy groups have joined together to promote four court-related priorities: the addition of Supreme Court seats; expansion of lower courts; term limits on justices; and new ethics rules for the high court.

“Incrementalism isn’t going to fly this time,” Brett Edkins, political director of Stand Up America, said Friday. “The scale of the problem is huge. The Democrats have a narrow window of opportunity to repair it.” [CNN]
Of course, packing the Supreme Court would do nothing to “repair” it. It would eradicate it. The explicit purpose would be to transform the Court from a meaningful constitutional entity into a rubberstamp for left-wing policies. With the Court nullified, the left could move on to priorities like sharper censorship laws and major gun control without the slightest concern these laws will be struck down. Even if Republicans later won an election and reclaimed power, the Court would not recover. Its status would be fatally compromised. It would not longer be seen as a separate, co-equal branch of government, but as a political hurdle that a legislative majority could shove aside at any time. America would be perpetually more vulnerable to single-party tyranny. And of course, that’s exactly the point.

But look on the bright side. America isn’t exactly like Weimar Germany. For instance, America hasn’t gone through a period of catastrophic hyperinflation due to economic mismanagement.

But hey, almost a quarter of all U.S. dollars in circulation were created last year. So there’s still a chance!


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Instagram Will Now Monitor Your Private Messages To Watch For ‘Hate Speech’


Instagram announced in the past week that they will begin policing private direct messages in their latest crackdown on so-called "hate speech" on their platform, a report says.

In line with the recent racial abusive comments that are "targeted at footballers in the U.K." after losing a match, the social media platform Instagram announced Wednesday that they will be imposing stricter measures in order "to help prevent" the further spread of abuse and hate speech in direct messages, Daily Wire reported.

"So today we're announcing some new measures, including removing the accounts of people who send abusive messages, and developing new controls to help reduce the abuse people see in their DMs." Instagram wrote in an announcement.

The President of England's Football Association, Prince William, issued a statement last month on Twitter saying, "Racist abuse - whether on the pitch, in the stands, or on social media - is despicable and it must stop now. We all have a responsibility to create an environment where such abuse is not tolerated, and those who choose to spread hate and division are held accountable for their actions."

Instagram started the announcement by saying that they want their platform to serve as a place for people to connect with the people and things they love. But hate speech has been rampant recently, especially in direct messages. As a consequence, Instagram took stronger actions to emphasize its stance on hate speech.

"Our rules against hate speech don't tolerate attacks on people based on their protected characteristics, including race or religion. We strengthened these rules last year, banning more implicit forms of hate speech, like content depicting Blackface and common antisemitic tropes. We take action whenever we become aware of hate speech, and we're continuously improving our detection tools so we can find it faster." Instagram said adding that last year, they took action on almost 6.5 million cases of hate speech on their platform

The social media platform also announced that they are imposing tougher consequences for hate speeches and repeat offenders will have their accounts disabled.

"Today, we're announcing that we'll take tougher action when we become aware of people breaking our rules in DMs. Currently, when someone sends DMs that break our rules, we prohibit that person from sending any more messages for a set period of time. Now, if someone continues to send violating messages, we'll disable their account. We'll also disable new accounts created to get around our messaging restrictions, and will continue to disable accounts we find that are created purely to send abusive messages." Instagram added.

Instagram noted that they teamed up with the "UK law enforcement authorities" to further respond to hate speech cases and "valid legal request for information in these cases".

In January, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said on Facebook (the social media company that owns Instagram), "We're not neutral," he admitted. "No platform is neutral, we all have values and those values influence the decisions we make."

"We try and be apolitical," he added, "but that's increasingly difficult, particularly in the US where people are more and more polarized."

The comments that Mosseri made came closely after former President Donald Trump's accounts were banned on some social media platforms, including theirs.


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1:02:29 min

FEAST Framework for Behavior Change by Prof Cass Sunstein at PIDE

•Jan 12, 2021

PIDE Official

Monday, January 11, 2020 at 7:00 PM (PST) Moderator: Dr. Nadeem ul Haque (VC. PIDE) Speaker: Prof. Cass R. Sunstein About Speaker: Cass R. Sunstein is currently the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard. He is the founder and director of the Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School. In 2018, he received the Holberg Prize from the government of Norway, sometimes described as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for law and the humanities. In 2020, the World Health Organization appointed him as Chair of its technical advisory group on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health. From 2009 to 2012, he was Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and after that, he served on the President's Review Board on Intelligence and Communications Technologies and on the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Board. Mr. Sunstein has testified before congressional committees on many subjects, and he has advised officials at the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Bank, and many nations on issues of law and public policy. He serves as an adviser to the Behavioral Insights Team in the United Kingdom.


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‘Facebook Attacked a Sovereign Nation – We Will Not be Intimidated’ – Australian Prime Minister Responds to Facebook’s Shakedown and Threats

By Cristina Laila
Published February 18, 2021 at 11:44am

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his government will not be intimidated by Facebook’s threats.

Google threatened to shut down operations in Australia in January after a bill moved forward that forces the internet giant to pay news publishers.

Google and Facebook believed this was unfair.

So they announced they may close down their operations Down Under.

On Thursday Facebook followed up on their threats and blocked Australians from viewing and sharing news on the platform because of proposed laws in the country to make digital giants pay for journalism.

According to CBS News Australian publishers can continue to publish news content on Facebook, but links and posts can’t be viewed or shared by Australian audiences, the U.S.-based company said in a statement.

But in the process, Facebook blocked readers from access to The Bureau of Meteorology, state health departments, the Western Australian opposition leader, and charities as a result of the company’s wide-ranging ban on sharing or viewing news.

Australia’s Prime Minister said on a statement that Facebook attacked a sovereign nation:
Facebook’s actions to unfriend Australia today, cutting off essential information services on health and emergency services, were as arrogant as they were disappointing. I am in regular contact with the leaders of other nations on these issues.
These actions will only confirm the concerns that an increasing number of countries are expressing about the behaviour of BigTech companies who think they are bigger than governments and that the rules should not apply to them. They may be changing the world, but that doesn’t mean they run it.

We will not be intimidated by BigTech seeking to pressure our Parliament as it votes on our important News Media Bargaining Code. Just as we weren’t intimidated when Amazon threatened to leave the country and when Australia drew other nations together to combat the publishing of terrorist content on social media platforms.
I encourage Facebook to constructively work with the Australian Government, as Google recently demonstrated in good faith.


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Los Angeles Slashes School Police Budget, Replaces Officers With "Climate Coaches"

WEDNESDAY, FEB 17, 2021 - 22:05
Authored by GQ Pan via The Epoch Times,

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education on Tuesday approved a plan to cut one-third of its police budget and divert the money to a program that focuses on black students achievement.

The board voted to cut 133 school police positions from the Los Angeles School Police Department, including 70 sworn officers, 62 non-sworn officers, and one support staff member. The staff reductions reduce the annual budget of the district’s police force from $77.5 million to $52.5 million.

Police officers stationed at all secondary schools will be replaced by new “climate coaches,” who are trained to, according to the plan, implement “positive school culture and climate,” use “de-escalation strategies” to resolve conflict, understand and address “implicit bias,” and eliminate “racial disproportionately” in school discipline practices.

The new plan doesn’t allow individual schools to apply to keep police officers on their campuses. Instead, officers will remain on call to respond to emergencies, with a goal of a three-to-five minute response time.

The police force reduction is part of the LAUSD’s $36.5 million Black Student Achievement Plan, which aims to provide supplemental services and support to 53 schools that have a large black student population and “high need indicators,” such as lower than average math and English language arts proficiency rates, higher than average referral and suspension rates, and higher than average chronic absenteeism.

In addition to the police overhaul, the plan would dedicate $30.1 million for improving “school climate” and reducing “over-identification of black students” in suspensions and discipline actions, $4.4 million to implement academic changes such as adding more black authors into school curricula, and $2 million for community partnership with organizations that serve black youth.
“We’ve been systematically failing black children as a country. Schools must be part of the solution, because a great education is the most important part of the path out of poverty,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said on Monday during his weekly update to the LAUSD community.
“While we at L.A. Unified don’t have all the answers, we’re committed to making change.”
The changes mark the latest move by the nation’s major public school districts in response to the “defund the police” movement. In the wake of death of George Floyd in custody of Minneapolis police, activist and organizations such as Black Lives Matter have called on local and officials to “defund” their law enforcement forces, arguing that redirecting funding from police toward other social service programs could make communities safer.

Last summer, the Minneapolis Public Schools board of education voted unanimously to terminate its contract with the Minneapolis Police Department, saying it “cannot continue to be in partnership with an organization that has the culture of violence and racism.”


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10:37 min
These are your 2 options for when Critical Race Theory reaches YOUR workplace
•Feb 18, 2021

Glenn Beck

Christopher Rufo, Director of the Center on Wealth and Poverty, joins Glenn to discuss what to do when Critical Race Theory reaches YOUR workplace (which it likely will). First, Rufo shares a SHOCKING story from Springfield, MO, in which middle school teachers were asked to label themselves as oppressors or oppressed on a provided matrix. Then, Rufo explains what he believes are your only two options if/when you are asked to participate in Critical Race Theory training at your job: stand up against your employer, or sit down and take it.


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NYC Principal Demands Parents Classify Their 'White Identity' 17:27 min

[COMMENT: Interesting discussion about the white identity pamphlet sent home to parents in a NY school. He ties it in with the Smithsonian pamphlet, IQ and the idea of deconstructing western civilization.

View attachment 253100View attachment 253101
Why bother, "they" are going to do it themselves anyways since any answer you give won't be the right one....


Resident Spook


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Democrats Work with White House on Plan to Crack Down on Dissent and Eliminate First Amendment Rights

By Jim Hoft
Published February 18, 2021 at 9:09pm

This really should come as no surprise. It’s who they are – complete fascists.

Congressional Democrats are meeting with the Biden White House on how to crackdown on political dissent in America today. Democrats want to make it impossible for ordinary Americans to challenge their authority.
Democrats installed razer wire around the US Capitol in Washington DC earlier this year. The razer wire will remain in place until September.

Democrats will call in Facebook, Google and Twitter CEOs and urge the tech giants to crack down harder on “misinformation” or face consequences.

This comes after the tech giants colluded to ban President Trump and top conservative voices.


It’s clear, Democrats fear the people.

Reuters reported:
Congressional Democrats have begun discussions with the White House on ways to crack down on Big Tech including making social media companies accountable for the spread of disinformation on matters such as the U.S. Capitol riot and addressing the abuse of market power to harm corporate rivals.
The conversations, described by a lawmaker and congressional aides, have included the contentious topic of what to do with a measure called Section 230, part of a 1996 law called the Communications Decency Act, that shields social media platforms from lawsuits over much of the content posted by users.
Democratic President Joe Biden as a candidate last year called for revoking Section 230, and his Republican predecessor Donald Trump unsuccessfully pressed Congress to repeal it.


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Well, I don't have a problem with Whiteness then...
I was looking at the Black Museum's definition of whiteness again. Yes, this encapsulates the middle class culture in which I was raised. It is my culture - an American culture and values that I support.

whiteness and blacks.jpg