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Knitted Lace


Senior Member
Along with spinning, weaving, crocheting, and a variety of knitted projects, I knit a lot of lace. This is a test knit called Fairy Dusted, and has been selected to be a Mystery Knit Along this fall. The designer, Mmario, has a shop on Ravelry with many beautiful patterns.



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North to the Future
Lovely! I love to knit but have been a bit intimidated by the idea of trying lace. Sure is pretty!


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I have to say that lace can be MUCH easier than it looks. The simplest lace is just much larger needles than usual for the size of the yarn. The second trick is knitting two or three stitches together combined with yarn overs which makes on purpose holes. Learning to follow graphs is also a big help in being able to visualize the patterns.

A friend of mine started off by knitting swatch squares using a knit stitch reference book until she was more confident.

The hardest lace I have done used yarn that was about the thickness of quilting thread, 000 needles and a bazillion stitches. The lace itself wasn't difficult, but actually finishing it was!