Flu kids have been sent home


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well My grandson started his first week at University Of Nebraska in Omaha on the 5th day of classes they sent his dorm home, 4 people tested positive for the Wuflue,

same day. Son In Law. (grandsons dad) had the place where he worked shut down because 6 office people had china flue. none of the workers sick so far

they are going to be tested monday .


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Our county was hit hard in the first round, number 1 or 2 per capital in our state. It had been about 6 weeks since I had even done a covid swab, but the last day I worked I did 4. No one was as sick as the first round, though, and none of them were admitted with any respiratory problems.

That being said, if our schools get 2 positives they will get shut down again. I give it till September 10th.


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I'm waiting for it to happen again. Matter of time. All but 2 of the grands are back in school, with masks, etc. The 2 grands are now officially out of the public system and Mom is schooling them with Christian based. Very happy about that.
First few months of school everyone is passing some bug or other around. Just matter of time till its called Covid.