TDS Jeffrey Wright: Even If Biden Wins, the ‘Illnesses of These Last Four Years’ May Never Go Away

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Jeffrey Wright: Even If Biden Wins, the ‘Illnesses of These Last Four Years’ May Never Go Away
Alana Mastrangelo
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Actor Jeffrey Wright claims that even if Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump in the November election, the Westworld and Batman star says an “illnesses” in America that has “flared up hard during these last four years” may never go away.

“Even if Biden wins — and he must — our country is hurting culturally, politically, economically, spiritually. We devour ignorance hungrily,” said Wright in a recent interview with the Daily Beast. “We’re moral only to the extent that it serves us. We’re materialistic. We veer toward senseless violence. We’re in love with guns. Some dangerous illnesses have been flared up hard during these last four years.”

“A Biden win will slam the garbage lid on some of it, but all that’s not disappearing next January or any time soon,” he added. “We’ll either heal and evolve, or we won’t. And I’m not so sure we want to.”

Wright, who appears somewhat sour on the fact that Biden is the Democratic nominee for president, goes on to admit that the progressive left is apprehensive about the former vice president.

“I think the hope for those on the left of the Democratic Party who might be disappointed is that they represent a bridge toward a more progressive, tolerant America, and away from this callous, right-wing attempt to reshape the country into some authoritarian, hyper-religious, zealous, strange ethnostate or whatever it is they imagine they’re doing,” claimed Wright.

Last month, after the president’s brother Robert Trump passed way, Jeffrey Wright took to Twitter to imply that President Trump doesn’t care about his late brother. “If you sit in the most powerful office in the country and 170,000 dead Americans don’t light the fire of concern inside you, what’s one dead brother gon’ do?”

Earlier this year, while watching President Trump’s State of the Union address with his 90-year-old aunt, Wright claimed that President Trump and his “klan” of supporters were yearning to take the country back to her childhood, when Democratic-dominated state legislatures in the south enforced racial segregation.

“I love that my 90-yr-old aunt knows how to dip into an Insta story,” the actor wrote “She’s also watching every sec (btw power naps) as Trump & his klan of sycophants try to corrupt America back to a perverse re-conjuring of her Jim Crow childhood – like a hawk. She’s not fooled. We shouldn’t be.”

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Of course if Biden wins he will blame Trump for everything in perpetuity, same as Obama never stopped blaming Bush for anything that went wrong.


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There is a sickness of multiculturalism. I am proctoring my grandson's 3rd grade class. Every story in his English class emphasizes another minority group as part of the contribution to American history. Problem is that an understanding of the original colonists, their motivation for leaving their home lands, their struggles for liberty on many levels and what they wanted to build here are deemphasized. In fact, they are not even mentioned as of note. How are kids supposed to understand what the United States is meant to be if they don't understand the context in which the Founders wrote the instructions?

The "tolerance" the left panders to is essentially going out of its way to identify, include and applaud every separate identity group imaginable. This is fractionalization, not unification. Unification would be to emphasize central ideas, concepts and beliefs as American and push embracing the ideas (individual liberty and God-given or natural rights,) delegation of limited authority through a written Constitutional delegation of power to a government of our creation and the rule of law as unifying forces.

Forced "tolerance" is not tolerance at all.

Tolerance is
(1) the act or capacity of enduring; endurance:
(2) a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one's own.
(3) interest in and concern for ideas, opinions, practices, etc., foreign to one's own; a liberal, undogmatic viewpoint.

None of these liberals have any understanding of what tolerance means.


Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit...
He needs to stick with his own reality... playing a robot who thinks he's human. Please just STFU and continue playing something that's not real. That's why you're paid the big bucks.


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I read the first word on that story "actor" and stopped right there...............

I figured this is another one of those Robt Reiner mutual admiration society types......


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Of course if Biden wins he will blame Trump for everything in perpetuity, same as Obama never stopped blaming Bush for anything that went wrong.
Funny how that works.
He was even trying to take credit for the strong economy under Trump. My oldest son tried to use this on time. I corrected him on that and has never brought it up again.