PLAY IT'S THE TB2K WEEKEND DANCE PARTY - Your Favorite Live Performance Videos

Red Baron

Remember those days when people would actually congregate and watch a live concert?

What are your favorite live performances?

:shd: The Ground Rules :shd:

- Any music genre is acceptable.

- Don't knock somebody else's music, your taste may be crap also.

- Label your videos as PG or PG-13 as required.

- Add lyrics or screen shots as you see fit.

- Drink responsibly, use a glass.

- Runtimes are not required unless it is an exceptionally long video. (i.e. full concerts)

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Yes, I’m using a glass, always... this was actually my last tour, tough gig.. the curtain ( kabuki) was my main job. So once it gets yanked up in the air, I and my partner yank down the two small sides. I’m standing on the left side of the screen, stage right. Kinda see me in black scurrying ofF stage. My other responsibility was the curved video wall, I just assembled the truss that it flew on. It was a tough gig...



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So, here is my second bonnaroo, for this I’m actually off the clock till nine in the morning. Got off at nine that evening, showered, ate a couple grams of shrooms, grabbed a couple of brews and off we went, my buddy “ made” go into the crowd of 80 thousand. It still makes me smile to this day. So I’m in the middle of that..
Back to the room by 7 am to be on stage by 8:45...
Yee ha