ECON Inflation for worlds largest industrial pump/compressor manufacture.

Jeff Allen

Just in from the "horses mouth" so to speak....Straight from a Beacon Medeas marketing blurb from TODAY:

Effective June 1, 2011, BeaconMedaes will implement an averaged Parts Price Increase of 3.9% on all
items classified as Parts (items with a GAC code of 49H).
We have received price increases from nearly all of our suppliers, ranging from 3% to as much as 17%,
driven by everything from higher fuel costs, higher manufacturing costs, and especially the skyrocketing
cost of copper.
Rather than choosing to make an across the board flat increase, parts were broken down into categories
and carefully analyzed. The lowest possible percentage increase was then applied.
All parts orders in house prior to June 1 will be invoiced at the lower price when shipped. All new orders
placed on or after June 1 will be invoiced at the higher price.

Thank you for your continued support of BeaconMedaes Medical Products

BeaconMedaes is the worlds largest supplier of medical compressor and vacuum packages, and is a subsidary of the Atlas Copco group.

NOTE: This follows a 5% across the board increase in January...things are heating up!