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This site is fun. It is up to the minute views of the earth from the sun, moon, and other points in space. Click on the different links for awesome views of the planet. Then click on specific points and get a close-up view of the region you want to see.[/EMAIL]
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Hurricane Links

Here are some links for Hurricane updates and advisories:

1. National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center

2. Weather Underground: Welcome to The Weather Underground

3. The World's Weather Authority-
International Local Weather

4. - Hurricanes
(My favorite--a Miami Channel that is always on target since Andrew hit in '92)

Hope it's helpful.

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Iceland Volcano Eyja...and myrda... (KATLA)

My grandparents told me of winter of 1919, following the last one....


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Intellicast animated radar image loop for the U.S. (hxxp://

Main page
Their current radar image (hxxp:// has a click for local images feature.

As a shortcut for the animated loop--- for all of us on dialup, instead of spending eternity for the main page to load up with all it's interactive images--
I go for a specific location, for example: (hxxp://, the "rno" in the link referring to the location in this case, Reno.

For the PNW, instead of the "rno", choose "tiw" (Wash) or "rdm" (Ore) or "myl" (Idaho).
northern Rockies "lwt" or "riw"
Colorado "den"
upper plains "bis", "stc", and "dsm"
Texas takes three "bro", "row", and "sat"
Louisiana "lit" and "msy" (home of the cajun otter)

Each animated loop averages 400-500 k in size.

Satellite image #1 in a loop of 8: (hxxp://
#8: (hxxp://

noaa forecast for one state: (hxxp://
or instead of "zone"..... prodtype= "discussion" for synopsis, or "hourly" for the latest weather report for the state.

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