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Important and Welcome to everyone...


Another Infidel
I have been posting my "walkabout" images for some time now and have received many positive responses, and I have loved the images posted by other members.

These comforting posts by all of us were well-received and that is why I requested the proprietors here create another forum where we may all share our talents, images, crafts, recipes, writings, etc. as a means of solace and an escape from the negatives that are so prevalent right now.

When the Administration agreed to my suggestion, I felt it only fair to chip in on the work management of this additional room.

The purpose of this room is to find a quiet corner for respite and decompression. IOW, this is meant to be our "happy place."

I have every faith that we, the members, will respect each other's contributions. I look forward to this being a comfort zone.

As far as images or graphics go, some of us may even post tutorials on how to achieve the effects we've made in our images which may help others in their creative pursuits.

Thank you for your submissions so far, and thank you for visiting this room. I hope you will find a bit of peace here in the "Artistic License" room.

Maureen :rs::rs::rs:



This op need a sticky. Sort of sets the 'rules' for the forum - your OP and Sat's 'come to jesus' on dissing his 9or anyone's) works.

Thanks for this forum.


Lone Wolf

Lives on TB
Very well said Mo.
I don't think any one will diss others efforts to entertain. heh.

I know you'll do just fine Mo.




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