Soil Hurricanes and gardening


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We just got through Hurricane Hanna and I realized something today after doing cleanup outside. The night of the hurricane I remembered about my pineapples outside so I went out was able to save 1 of 3. That is the best pineapple I have ever had. But enough rambling. the whole yard has stayed flooded except for 2 area. The 2 spots i garden in. The reason for no flooding even after I'm now guessing is at least 15 inches of rain. Lots of organic matter in the soil there. I have put hundreds of bags of dried leaves there, a few truckloads of compost, several bags of shredded cow chips and more truckloads of mulch. Needless to say the soil is rich, richer now than it was before I started gardening there. I can get bagged leaves at least 2 times a year here. I have specific houses I get them from because I know the quality and there is no trash when they bag them. As I type this, it is raining yet again. So folks the more mulch and organic matter you can put in an area the better it will hold up during drought or flooding. Hope this helps.