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A friend of mine just released her paperback version of "The Art of Washing Wool, Mohair, & Alpaca" aka How to Scour Wool Like a Boss, by Mary Egbert. It looks to be full of great information on how to get your wool the cleanest it can be without damaging it.

It's also available in Kindle version.


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I saw a photo on one of the wool prep sites today of someone washing a sheep fleece in a plastic wading pool using the current hot sun. I thought that was innovative. If one can make sun tea, one can heat water with solar.

I have a restaurant sized salad spinner I use so I can avoid using my washing machine to soak in and send crud down the pipes.
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I have an old wringer washer that I use to scour fiber. It works really well. I normally soak, then drain as many times as I need to. Most of the time I try to avoid adding soap because I prefer spinning wool that isn't too dry.