PREP Half Gallon/Gallon Plastic Juice bottles-how long good?


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We were going thru Stuff last night-rearrainging things and drug out several plastic bottles of Apple, Grape and Cranberry juices.

Some expired in 2019. Some expire in the next few weeks. Just wondering how long they actually stay good for?

I can always run them as a Wine or such if need be I reckon'.

Kathy in FL

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If they started out as 100% juice you might have vinegar by now. LOL If they started out as anything less then who knows. Depends on the preservatives used.


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if they fermented either in to alcohol or vinegar (after alcohol) massive gas would be produced and the bottles would be bloated if not exploded. if they are not taut to the touch they are good to go, only quality may be affected.


Yep, taste one. If they were stored cool and dark, they may be perfectly fine. Otherwise, they may taste a bit flat or "plasticy".. the problem with that is any "off" flavors will transfer to, and concentrate in, wine.



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Found a 5 year old ocean spray cranberry juice jug a few weeks ago.
Poured it out, previously clear plastic hub was now stained purple.
I did not taste it.