WTF?!? GrandMa Sandy learns what its like to work in the adult intertainment industry,

Donald Shimoda

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Probably the same motivation as Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet in the long scene in Movie 43 where Jackman has a set of testicles hanging from his throat: for the h*ll of it.

"Movie 43" gets horrific reviews, yet it boasts a most impressive cast. I've often wondered how it got made.

[The only part of it I've seen is the Tampax commercial; amazingly well done and if Tampax knew they could without offending the target market and the networks, they would air something like it on normal TeeVee.]

sierra don

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I guess in the porn world this would be called.................................Bukcokie , except she was short a bottle or two.


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Very funny, but what possessed Morgan Freeman of all people to narrate this?
I doubt he did. You'd be amazed at what the current "deep fake" technology can do in the realm of speech synthesis and editing. There are also some very impressive voice impersonators out there. That said, it's still hilarious.
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The hilarious comedy movie "Orgazmo" aptly shows a sheltered person who is around the porn industry for the first time. It was made by the same people behind "South Park".