Food Good video on basic food storage


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As I understand it, the idea of his 7 meals plan is pantry meals- no refrigerated, fresh or frozen ingredients. I am just wondering what anyone else has for pantry meals planned.

Spaghetti & meat sauce
Canned soup
White Chicken chili ( i have not tried yet to make this so am not counting it among my prepped-for meals)
Chicken enchiladas - found a recipe I am going to try this weekend.
Creamed tuna. peas & rice (recipe from hillbilly housewife)
Chicken spaghetti
Tuna with package of Knorr pasta or rice mix
Canned tamales topped with a can of chili & cheese.
Rice & Beans - pinto beans
Curried Lentils

I would love to hear others ideas to prep for some more variety in my pantry.