Medical Gloves: Nitrile Powder - Free.

ethan hunt

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Stopped at china mart #1 last night to top off and there was one box of 40 left for around 4 bucks and change.
The box was slightly open and I bought them anyway.
As I was checking out I noticed the entire staff had them on, even the stocking crew.

Stopped at china mart #2 to grab another and they had boxes of 100 for 9 bucks and change. Fully stocked and employees observed weren't gloved up.

They are made by curad and are in the band aid section lower shelves.

Just in case you want to save shipping or compare to what you see on amazon etc.

On this item there is still time.


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Darn, I thought it read "free gloves"...LOL! But thanks for the heads up, and interesting that one store had decided to wear them. Can you say if you're anywhere near DFW?


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Where is the Ebola Prep Thread?

I thought it was moved to the Prep. Area here, seems like a good place to post it.