CHAT Gas prices plummeting


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Went to Costco today in Duncanville TX... gas was $1.38/gal.

All other gas stations nearby are $1.68/gal.

How about you in your neck of the woods?
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I heard it was 1.59 about 5 miles from me, I will check it out this morning on my way to work. I have only seen the lowest at 1.87 so far.


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One Speedway near me has gas at $1.63/gal. If I felt like it, I could redeem some points and drop it to $0.13/gal. :)


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We are looking at $1.76 per gallon this weekend... though others are charging $199-$2.09 at the quicky marts...


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$1.33 in a small town in North Central Oklahoma. $1.79 10 miles further north in a larger town. :shr: