COMMUNISM Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election


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Depends on how many are willing to end up like Kyle Rittenhouse or the McCloskey's, (or worse) given government and the Courts have clearly chosen sides with the Communists and their street soldiers.
Well, wasn't it Patrick Henry that said we must hang together or we will surely hang apart? If the silent majority rises up they can't put all of us in jail. We have numbers, we just need commitment.

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I searched all over for that girl who went beserk on youtube, that last election nite. Can't find it anywhere. She was crying & screaming that somebody fix this cause her feels was for hitlery....
It was highly amusing.
Yeah i saw that crazy girl. She said she has to call an ambulence!!! Sick B*tch.

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I think they have switched gears, first the protests, then riots, now they are burning huge parts of the country. what next?
The infrastructure, in this case cutting down power lines...

And now we are seeing gas lines being tested. 4 just tonight??

per this thread: BRKG - Numerous crews on scene of natural gas line explosion north of Piedmont, OK 9/16/20