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After our daughter of fifteen years of age was moved to tears by the speech of Greta Thunberg at the UN the other day, she became angry with our generation “who had been doing nothing for thirty years.”

So, we decided to help her prevent what the girl on TV announced of “massive eradication and the disappearance of entire ecosystems.”

We are now committed to give our daughter a future again, by doing our part to help cool the planet four degrees.

From now on she will go to school on a bicycle, because driving her by car costs fuel, and fuel puts emissions into the atmosphere. Of course it will be winter soon and then she will want to go by bus, but only as long as it is a diesel bus.

Somehow, that does not seem to be conducive to ‘helping the Climate’.

Of course, she is now asking for an electric bicycle, but we have shown her the devastation caused to the areas of the planet as a result of mining for the extraction of Lithium and other minerals used to make batteries for electric bicycles, so she will be pedaling, or walking. Which will not harm her, or the planet.

We used to cycle and walk to school too.

Since the girl on TV demanded “we need to get rid of our dependency on fossil fuels” and our daughter agreed with her, we have disconnected the heat vent in her room. The temperature is now dropping to twelve degrees in the evening, and will drop below freezing in the winter, we have promised to buy her an extra sweater, hat, tights, gloves and a blanket.

For the same reason we have decided that from now on she only takes a cold shower. She will wash her clothes by hand, with a wooden washboard, because the washing machine is simply a power consumer and since the dryer uses natural gas, she will hang her clothes on the clothes line to dry.

Speaking of clothes, the ones that she currently has are all synthetic, so made from petroleum. Therefore on Monday, we will bring all her designer clothing to the secondhand shop.

We have found an eco store where the only clothing they sell is made from undyed and unbleached linen, wool and jute.

It shouldn’t matter that it looks good on her, or that she is going to be laughed at, dressing in colorless, bland clothes and without a wireless bra, but that is the price she has to pay for the benefit of The Climate.

Cotton is out of the question, as it comes from distant lands and pesticides are used for it. Very bad for the environment.

We just saw on Instagram that she’s pretty angry with us. This was not our intention.

From now on, at 7 p.m. we will turn off the WiFi and we will only switch it on again the next day after dinner for two hours. In this way we will save on electricity, so she is not bothered by electro-stress and will be totally isolated from the outside world. This way, she can concentrate solely on her homework. At eleven o’clock in the evening we will pull the breaker to shut the power off to her room, so she knows that dark is really dark.

That will save a lot of CO2.

She will no longer be participating in winter sports at ski lodges and resorts, nor will she be going on anymore vacations with us, because our vacation destinations are practically inaccessible by bicycle.

Since our daughter fully agrees with the girl on TV that the CO2 emissions and footprints of her great-grandparents are to blame for ‘killing our planet’, what all this simply means, is that she also has to live like her great-grandparents and as they never had a holiday, a car or even a bicycle, neither will she.

We haven’t talked about the carbon footprint of food yet.

Zero CO2 footprint means no meat, no fish and no poultry, but also no meat substitutes that are based on soy (after all, that grows in farmers fields, that use machinery to harvest the beans, trucks to transport to the processing plants, where more energy is used, then trucked to the packaging/canning plants, and trucked once again to the stores) and also no imported food, because that has a negative ecological effect. And absolutely no chocolate from Africa, no coffee from South America and no tea from Asia.

Only homegrown potatoes, vegetables and fruit that have been grown in local cold soil, because greenhouses run on boilers, piped in CO2 and artificial light.

Apparently, these things are also bad for The Climate. We will teach her how to grow her own food.

Bread is still possible, but butter, milk, cheese and yogurt, cottage cheese and cream come from cows and they emit CO2. No more margarine and no oils will be used for the frying pan, because that fat is palm oil from plantations in Borneo where rain forests first grew.

No ice cream in the summer. No soft drinks and no energy drinks, as the bubbles are CO2. She wanted to lose some pounds, well, this will help her achieve that goal too.

We will also ban all plastic, because it comes from chemical factories. Everything made of steel and aluminum must also be removed. Have you ever seen the amount of energy a blast furnace consumes or an aluminum smelter? Uber bad for the climate!

We will replace her 9600 coil, memory foam pillow top mattress, with a jute bag filled with straw, and provide a horse hair pillow.

And finally, she will no longer be using makeup, soap, shampoo, cream, lotion, conditioner, toothpaste and medication. Her sanitary napkins will be replaced with pads made of linen, that she can wash by hand, with her wooden washboard, just like her female ancestors did before climate change made her angry at us for destroying her future.

In this way we will help her to do her part to prevent mass extinction, water levels rising and the disappearance of entire ecosystems.

If she truly believes she wants to walk the talk of the girl on TV, she will gladly accept and happily embrace her new way of life.


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Eh, I get the sentiment, and stupidity should hurt, but they had feather mattresses and down pillows as far back as the middle ages (probably before).


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Not bad, but just taking away the smart phone and internet access would make most adolescent snowflake chicks go ballistic well enough.

This joke reminds a bit of this classic:

"My daughter just walked into the living room and said “Dad, cancel my allowance immediately, rent my room out, throw all my clothes out of the window, take my TV, and stereo, and iPhone, and iPod, and my laptop.
Please take all of my jewellery to the Salvation Army or Cash Converters.
Then sell my new car, take my front door key away from me and throw me out of the house.
Then disown me and never talk to me again. And don’t forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my brother.
Well, she didn’t put it quite like that… she actually said…
“Dad, this is my new boyfriend, Mohammed.”


If she truly believes she wants to walk the talk of the girl on TV, she will gladly accept and happily embrace her new way of life.

Exactly! What percentage of these eco doomers actually practice what they preach? Few to none. They expect the little people to make the sacrifices and use useful idiots like Greta and others to carry their water. They are not willing to lift a finger or make any changes to their lifestyle while at the same time they tell the rest of us to sacrifice. Let them live like monk's first and then I'll listen a bit to what they have to say because then I know they really believe their own spiel.


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Dear saint Greta the reason you are an austistc petulant can’t is because either your mommy and or your daddy had chylamidia when their itch was scratched... heads up on a white paper that’s due to come out any day now.


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And before 5hose of you that have autistic kids freak out remember back in the 90s and early 2000s the ads for certain medications stating that chlamedia (sp.) was a side affect, including that medication that induced labor in pregnant women... umm yeah that was also if not a predominant issue.

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Well - seems to me if they are going to teach her how to grow her own food they also need to teach her

1. How to can, freeze or dry her food. Oh wait a minute, freezing requires electricity, so scratch that thought. She can sun dry though.
2. How to card, spin and weave (only her homegrown cotton of course). Then learn how to sew by hand.
3. A course in baking just might be nice - learn how to cultivate sourdough starter, grind flour, etc.
4. Raise chickens, ducks or geese! Not only do they produce eggs they are also good eating and are good at keeping pests out of the garden (think free range). Of course that also involves killing, dressing and plucking.
5. Get into bee-keeping for a source of sweetener.

All of these, and more went through my mind when I first read this post.

If she wants to walk the talk she needs to learn just what that walk really means like our great greats who came out here in covered wagons did.



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Dear saint Greta the reason you are an austistc petulant can’t is because either your mommy and or your daddy had chylamidia when their itch was scratched... heads up on a white paper that’s due to come out any day now.
Well, having some geek in her ancestry, or mommy farting around reproductively til she was of age to have what the obstetricians classify as a geriatric pregnancy (e.g., post-age-35) are rather more likely causes than that. STDs are AFAIK more likely to cause infertility than mental illness, but there are probably some exceptions.
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Update on figurehead autist Greta's organization:

Facebook Glitch Reveals Greta Thunburg's Father Posting As Teenage Climate Activist
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by Tyler Durden
Sun, 01/12/2020 -

"A Thursday evening software update at Facebook accidentally allowed anyone to view exactly who is posting under the accounts of public figures, businesses and other entities, according to Wired.

The result? For starters, some 3 million followers of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg have been reading posts written by her father, Svante Thunberg, and a climate activist in India who serves as a delegate at the UN's Climate Change organization, Adarsh Prathap. Thunberg, Inc. claims Greta is still the one writing the content.


Greta, Inc. explained this in a Saturday Facebook post purporting to be the young climate activist.

"Some people have been asking who manages this page. First of all, since last spring I only use Facebook to repost what I write on my Twitter and Instagram accounts," reads the post, in which 'she' says she tried Facebook "early on," but didn't like it, so she uses "my father Svantes account to repost content."

"The rest that is shared on Facebook is reposted from Twitter and Instagram by the guy who founded the Greta Thunberg Facebook page long before I knew it existed. His name is Adarsh Prathap and he lives in India. Since a lot of people thought it was my official page in the beginning I asked if I could co-manage it and he said yes."

Greta claims to have written all the content posted by her father and Prathap.

In other words, "of course it's not me silly - you should have known I just 'co-manage' the fan page."

Except - by all outward appearances it appeared to be her page alone.

Facebook's 'page transparency' shows Greta as the confirmed owner - with the only clue suggesting she might have help being a page manager located in India.

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According to Facebook, the flaw was quickly fixed - but not before the people behind famous accounts were revealed and shared on public forums such as 4chan.

"We quickly fixed an issue where someone could see who edited or published a post on behalf of a Page when looking at its edit history," said the company in a statement. "We are grateful to the security researcher who alerted us to this issue."

Facebook says the bug was the result of a code update that it pushed Thursday evening. It's not something most people would have encountered on their own, since it took navigating to a Page, viewing an edit history, and realizing that there shouldn't be a name and profile picture assigned to edits to exploit it. Still, despite the Friday morning fix, screenshots circulated on 4chan, Imgur, and social media appearing to show the accounts behind the official Facebook Pages of the pseudonymous artist Banksy, Russian president Vladimir Putin, former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, the hacking collective Anonymous, climate activist Greta Thunberg, and rapper Snoop Dogg, among others.
Facebook points out that no information beyond a name and public profile link were available, but that information isn't supposed to appear in the edit history at all. And for people, say, running anti-regime Pages under a repressive government, making even that much information public is plenty alarming
. -Wired
"People who run sensitive Pages from their own Facebook should now consider that their identity may be known," said Lukasz Olejnik independent privacy adviser and Oxford University Center for Technology and Global Affairs. "While mistakes happen, this one is unexpected."