Gov/Mil Flynn the Kraken?


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I was just told that General Flynn is the Kraken. Can anyone confirm?

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According to active 3 Star General McInerney “Kraken” is the code name for the 305th Army intelligence division. General Flynn oversaw this as well as other divisions.

24 hours ago Kraken succeeded in securing military servers in Frankfurt, Germany that the CIA used to monitor and log in real-time our 2020 presidential election. A member of their team was killed in the operation.

They’re current back on base in America to provide forensic comparative analysis to dominion and other manufacturers voting machines. If discrepancies are found, then the user names and passwords used to modify the machines will be retrieved using an administrators account. These individuals will be interrogated under a military tribunal by Sidney Powell who is a registered court Marshall. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

Seperately “Hammer and Scorecard” is a program used by the CIA that can intercept and immediately change a vote in real-time then pass it on in the same “encoded packet” without leaving any digital “fingerprints“. It may or may not have been used at the CIA server farm to manipulate and/or dump votes.

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