Food flour from 2011


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I put away some flour in 2.5 gallon food grade buckets with oxygen absorbent.
It was stored in a climate controlled area about 65-70 degrees.
I opened up one container and noted no bad smell just the normal neutral smell flour has.
What do you all think.
Good to Go?


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I'd say good to go. But that's just me. I just pulled some expensive organic flour out of a drawer that was inside a plastic bag. I havn't check it yet but if it seems good I'm vacuum sealing it for later or to be tossed when I go to be with Jesus. Whoever comes after me won't have a clue.



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I have 100 lbs of flour that I stored in a sorta damp place 3+ years ago - it had a bit of mold on the top, scraped it off, rest of the flour looked fine - figure it would be just fine because it will always be BAKED in an oven. No container no O2 absorbers. Cook with it all the time, never had an issue.

Almost everything lasts WAY WAY longer than you think it will food storage wise - thats been my experience.


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My wife made biscuits with the flour from 2011. It cooked just fine.
The biscuits did have a more flour flavor than normal. They were only ok.
None of us got sick etc.
I think 9 year old flour stored properly should be fine.
However going to use the rest for play-dough it total shtf so rotating it out.