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Lot of thick, warm, knee high socks. And more shawls.
I am working through the old graphs redone for the new stuff, so the beads are flying. Not going out so ofter (if at all) will be a blessing as it will give me more time for handwork.


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Gah...I'm trying to go/stay grey, but with nearly zero social interaction in real life (and zero textile people in my life), it gets tempting to post.

Anyway, finished a few hats/headbands over the last couple of weeks...pursuing that elusive Perfect Hat Pattern. I'm getting close, but not there yet. Am in the middle of a lace scarf/shawl out of one of Lovick's books. Excellent instructions. If one wants to learn Shetland style, I'd say, she is the first go-to. Was hoping to finish the main section of it today, but have a migrane for a day and a half. Am currently wrapped up against the chill in a huge Iceland Olde Shale triangular shawl (Oberle calls it Feather and Fan, but as far as I can tell, she named it wrong for this shawl), also have Gudrun Johnston's hap from Craftsy (Good tutorial, but watch the gage, if you make it....mine came out quite small in Jameson & Smith Heritage - which in my not so humble opinion is what the piece SHOULD be knitted in - not the "Cloud-something-or-other" that Craftsy/Blueprint pushes.)

Broken Arrow, lovely rug! I am jealous. Looking to get back into an indigo dye vat (nobody I can find makes a blue yarn in quite that intoxicating set of shades), and also back into belt weaving. I tuck the long shawl ends into the belt, front and back - stays on effortlessly, even with animal chores and milking.

I need to make more skirts, all mine are in rags. Ditto on aprons and shifts. This is the year I AM going to make a set of corded stays (hate, hate, hate bras), and also want to make at least one good cardigan for myself this year, as well as the traditional Danish Natroje sweater. I have a few hand-pieced quilts started...
There isn't sufficient time!!!
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Still have eleven sets of twelve rows to do. At least the rows are getting shorter, not longer. Nothing like planning to be done with a project in a couple of days, to have it stretch out to a couple more weeks. Anyway, it's all good. Received three Chiao circs in the mail today, all US1, fixed, 2 in 24", and one in 40". Don't know if China will continue making them up to the same standards, given the disruption. I could use a bunch more in various sizes, but that was what the budget allowed, for now.

If anyone is a member of Blueprint/Craftsy, I'd suggest looking up Lorilee's (can't recall last name) class on knitting faster with Continental knitting. I've always knit that way, but she shows hand positions that are more efficient and more comfortable than what I was using.

Will be purchasing Vivian Hoxbro's (spell?) book on women's Danish Natroje sweaters (night shirts) on March 1. Also looking at an odd older book in the used market that gives a basic pattern for Bavarian Sweaters. There is a Bavarian sock book I want, and also Nathan Taylor's Guys knit - Instruction Manual. I'm not a guy, but am a big fan of Nathan. As soon as the current scarf is done, I'll be casting on for another with the same cone of Jameison & Smith. Good thing there is enough left, because there WON'T be any money for more yarn in the month of March!