BRKG FBI Director Wray: "The level of collaboration between the private sector and the government, especially the FBI, has made significant strides."


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Wray was a Trump appointment.

Trump’s entire presidency was sabotaged by Dems, FBI, DOJ, and GOP elites like McConnell. He had to start up an organization from scratch to run the country. Many of his selections were per recommendations of GOP elites who wanted him to fail. I.e. Wray, Priebus, Barr, Tillerson,

You left out pompeo


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Don't forget that at almost every single public speech 45 had just before he left office, Pence was there, also spoke, and brought up the glories of "Public/Private Partnerships".

My mom was on to that fascism YEARS ago, they've been at it a long while.

United Nations NGO's (so called non-governmental organizations) are part and parcel of PPP, created to destroy our nation. UN has a partial list of over a thousand NGO's, Chamber of Commerce being one, mainstream churches, women's and children's 'rescue', etc. Very worth your time to dig through the lists.

NGO's must apply to the UN for membership, swear to abide by UN rules, mandates and orders, and I think they also pay to be on the list. In short, they ARE the UN, wolves in sheep's clothing.