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Extra Income Suggestions


Veteran Member
A few of you know I "do" eggs. While I like to be able to have them 99% my own creation, gotta give the bird a little credit " there are a lot of decorating items that eggers have a hard time finding.

One of those items are always miniatures. Cold porcelain mini's like flowers, animals... etc... anything you'd find in a doll house 1/12" or smaller, size item.

Another is small carvings. A good whittler could sell at shows or online I'm sure.
Anyone with an jeweler's lathe could make mini vases, wine glasses.....

I also know eggers are having a hard time find cutting boxes. Cutting boxes are inclosed boxes with a plexi glass front. There are holes for the arms to go into and most have a hole to hook up a exaust of some kind to remove the egg dust that can fill the lungs over the years. I have a Rainbow vacuum hooked up to mine. They also have a small light and a place to run the cord for a highspeed cutter.

The orginal builder of this box passed away a long time ago and as far as I can find no one has started building them again.
http://www.alcrafteggartistry.com/CuttingBox.html The measurements are there somewhere.

Several states have egg shows once a year where eggers from all over the world come. I can give you several sites that sell nothing but egger supplies. If you didn't want to sell them yourself you could wholesale them through someone else.

If you are a good artist many eggers do nothing but paint eggs to sell online or at shows.

Many egg carvers got their start carving gun stocks. A couple are confined to wheelchairs.