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Exciting Saturday Evening - Copperhead

Life can be stranger than fiction....

Well we had an exciting few minutes this evening when the DW found a copperhead sunning on the front steps as the sun was setting. Bully, our Jack Russel Terrier, was eyeing it ready to pounce when the DW swept the copperhead off the porch step into the tall grass along the porch which had not been mowed due to the recent rain.

The grandson came in and informed me of the copperhead.

I went to the front porch and the DW was whopping/stabbing the grass with the broom. I said: "We need to mow the grass." The DW went and returned with a battery for the electric mower and started the mower up and began mowing the grass. The grandson came out with a spade (for those not knowledgeable of southern vernacular - shovel) and the big bright flashlight and he started scanning the grass. No snake in sight.

I kept pulling out with a pickup wand dog toys and junk that the terriers had planted in the grass. The grass was mowed and no snake. I pulled out dog toys from the hole in the ground that the terriers had dug and which was overlaid with dog toys. Low and behold, there the copperhead was curled up in the bottom of the hole.

Spade to the rescue. Two stabs and the copperhead was in three pieces and peace ruled the house again.

Did interrupt my rib dinner, but so goes life at times.

One dead copperhead and peace reigns again.

Another exciting Saturday evening in the Texican household.



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Copperheads, scorpions, bad spiders, huge centipedes, chiggers, ticks...

Just life around here.


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My wife almost picked one up this spring. The only thing that saved her was it was still cold. They have VERY good camouflage!