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Etsy shops?


Girls With Guns Member
Vicki, those are all wonderful!!! You so need to open up again!

Btw, I didn't even think of Artistic License. I was thinking more members would see it here, but forgot about all the non-members - and there are a lot of them! As long as the thread is active, I can move it back to main. Once it becomes inactive, I'll put it in AL. Thanks for the suggestion!
You rock Deena! Thank you for the compliment as well. I'm really humbled but I do love making things. It's my other passion. I have too many! lol


Girls With Guns Member
Can anybody tell me how sales tax on etsy works?

When I was selling years ago and if I sell on bandcamp I am supposed to charge sales tax for NYS but other states didn't apply. Is it still that way or are all sales taxable per state now?

It's really a pain in the butt regardless as NYS says I have to file returns every three months whether I have a sale or not and I can only do so online. If I'm late or miss their date, they charge me a penalty. They made my life miserable because I didn't have that many sales and they were sporatic and I didn't and still don't have a computer that I would consider reliable. Those are my concerns.


Veteran Member
I don't know what it was hurting by this being on main. I would never have seen it back here . And really, that lock thingmy makes it look like a crime was commited by somebody. I figured Safecastle got hysterical again due to anxiety over possible competition.
Anyway, in my opinion, you just insured nobody but myself who was lucky enough to see garnetgirls bakery will ever buy a damn thing from anybody.

Deena in GA

Vicki, you only charge sales tax for the state you're in. You register with that state to collect and pay it.

Terrwyn, when I finally found the thread again on main, it was on page 4. No one else was going to see it there. At least here it will stay on page 1 and probably near the top.


Girls With Guns Member
Vicki, you only charge sales tax for the state you're in. You register with that state to collect and pay it.
Thank you Deena, that's what I thought. Now it makes sense when I see a few web sites that will say "cannot sell to insert state". lol

So I can sell to all the other states and avoid sales tax. Who the heck thought up these rules anyway. Par for the course I guess in this world of no rules or stupidity of rules for "the little people". Good grief!

Thanks again. I'll be going to collect all my crafts come monday and then see about setting up an etsy shop once again.