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Emma, with her Spring Do!


Just got totally Furminated, pooed and her nails done. Much smaller dog now with the underfur gone.

The little white dog is Cash, her Parson Jack Russell buddy. We had to hand out two of those balls because Emma won't give hers up once she catches it. You cannot pry it out of her mouth!



Thanks all. They are the best of friends Emma chases Cash all over the house and if she catches him, she puts her mouth on his back from head to tail. Usually he is soaking wet by the time they are done.

Just a joy to watch them!

Dennis Olson

Chief Curmudgeon
Beautiful. And that top pic is definitely that "happy King" look. I'm also glad Emma has a pup that she can actually be friends with. Feel free to post Erie please. A an aside, I'm also glad that Emma has been the Shepherd you always wanted.


Knuckle Dragger
AWWWWWE! what a pretty girl.

My day started with......

"What makes you think I was in the pond?"

and "You did NOT tell me we were going to spend the next 12 hours in the truck!"

and "Do we really have to leave in 10 minutes?"

Emma is quite welcome here for some sand spurs, cockle-burrs, ticks, skunks and ALLL the things that make a dog's life complete. .:spns:

ETA: You are welcome here too Timbo.....Dogs get priority, but we got a cot for everybody else.
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