ADMIN Emergency Contact Info

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This thread is ONLY for members who wish to volunteer their contact info in case of emergencies.
Given the recent number of members who have found themselves in dire straights, and the worry it has caused the rest of us,
if you would like to PM me with your contact info, just in case of emergency,
I will be happy to keep it private.

I repeat, this is totally voluntary and will be kept strictly confidential, to be used in case of emergency only.
I will lock this thread and pin it, as there is no need to reply publicly to me.

editing to add, if you wish you can send me contact info for family or friends you would like contacted in case you do not respond.

Also: This information will only be used to facilitate a wellness check by TB staff. However, should it appear that there is a dire emergency and the member (or designated contact) doesn’t answer, a law enforcement wellness check may be initiated. By providing your information, you agree to these procedures should a perceived need arise.
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