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La Palma, Canary Islands: seismic crisis Sep 2021 - news and activity updates

Eruption started at 3.15 p.m. local time
Update Sun 19 Sep 2021 15:09
The eruption started at 3.15 p.m. local time (14:15 GMT), 10 minutes after our previous update when we noticed the strong increase in seismic activity.
Just before the eruption, authorities had started to evacuat about 40 people with mobility problems and farm animals from the area where most seismic activity had been. More evacuations are under way.

The eruption so far seems to be small and there is not much information available yet. The following video was taken immediately after a small vent opened, producing small lava fountains and an ash plume:

La Palma, Canary Islands: new eruption - La Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts for first time since 1971!
Sun, 19 Sep 2021, 14:25
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Increasing seismic activity on La Palma as the volcano erupted (image: IGN)

Increasing seismic activity on La Palma as the volcano erupted (image: IGN)
Following the increasing seismic activity and the previously suspected beginning of tremor, the volcano erupted short time ago - probably much earlier than most expected.
There are not many details yet, but from initial pictures it seems that a fissure opened on the western flank of La Cumbre Vieja, feeding lava fountains and flows, burning forests and farmland.
In the meantime, seismic activity continues to increase by the minute, dominated by volcanic tremor, reflecting the flow of magma to the surface.

More details will follow.


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The seismic activity in Cumbre Vieja, which began on the 11th at 3:18 (UTC), has accelerated in the last hours, with an intense surface seismicity, between 0 and 6 km and numerous earthquakes felt by the population. So far and since the beginning of the series, 6632 earthquakes have been detected, of which 1317 have been located. Today, 327 earthquakes have been detected of which 86 have been located with a maximum magnitude of 3.8 mbLg for the earthquake that occurred at 10:16 (UTC), widely felt on the island and with a depth of 2 km. The maximum accumulated vertical deformation has increased to around 15 cm in the area near the current seismicity and its distribution is still compatible with a pressure center in this area. These displacements have been observed both with the island's GNSS network and through InSAR (Sentinel-1) data.

More information about the volcanic activity of the series in La Palma: The IGN will continue to track seismic activity that can be tracked through the Web pages: Updated information can be found in the Volcanic Watch section of the IGN website:

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