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I had a thot tonite as I came in to sit down to dinner and the nightly propaganda SHIT SHOW was on . . . literally salivating all over themselves bc we've reached more than 1000 dead in a single day. . . my mind flashed back to the vietnam war era and the BODY COUNT NUMBERS they breathlessly reported every evening - who else remembers that?

we are in DESPERATE NEED of TREES and ROPES for these FVKS - they make democrat politicians look like saints
I remember ol Walter Crankcase doing that very thing. He would have pictures of those GI’s killed scrolling down the screen weekly.


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You can’t “catch” a virus ?
Obviously not a believer in genetic replication/overwriting.

Watson & Crick would laugh.

Interesting he tells his background - but not his accomplishments.

He may be recording from Mommy & Daddy's basement?


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Samuel Adams said:

You can’t “catch” a virus ?

When you find an accredited microbiologist who can say THAT with a straight face I might entertain the thought. Pretty much flies in the face of most medical information/training/etc.

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In the tradition of “follow the money”, how many “accredited”, licensed, STATE educated medical professionals have an interest in people knowing the truth about health and well-being ?

How many might have an interest in promulgating a boogeyman that generates a consistent supply of repeat business ?

How many might have a very well funded incentive to maintain a boogeyman (or thousands of them) that sells billions of $$ in “vaccines”, every year ?

Maybe conventional “wisdom” regarding the medical field, is rigged against you ?

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More from Jason Christoff......

The History of Public Manipulation Through Fear

We now see fear in most of the public, making them beg to lose all their rights, freedoms, liberties, income, way of life and security. Psychological manipulation is in play and is extremely evident for anyone who studies even basic psychology. The key is to use fabricated fear, to make the human animal do exactly as you want them to, and at the same time you need to make the human believe they've come up with their behavior through rational analysis and logical information computations. The groups doing this realize that they don't have the physical might to initiate a world wide communist state under the rule of an unelected United Nations and W.H.O. (both criminal organizations) so the public must be tricked to do it to themselves. This group once again has tricked the people using weaponized fear to make the public embrace a full communist take over, which will never be rolled back what so ever....unless the public breaks out of their collective hypnosis.

This sort of fear based psy-op power grab has been done throughout history and of course government schools don't teach this to children because it's the government that's always repeating these psychological manipulations throughout history. This world wide psy-op, is well prepared and well planned......with the first step being a fully indoctrinated public who falsely believe in a completely fabricated history of this planet and an indoctrinated love of government.......who has once again thrown the human tribe right under the bus but this time it was the most vicious attack and fear based mind control psy-op on record. If people are still believing that their government cares for them and that everything is going to be OK, they're going to fare extremely poorly over the next couple of months, if they make it out at all. Regardless, here's some history regarding this sort of media/gov manipulation of the public.”

Vid about ten minutes....

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