CORONA Doctors, nurses fighting coronavirus are having pay and benefits cut as employers lose revenue

Conrad Nimikos

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My wife works for a hospital. Their daily patient appointments fell from 10,00 a day to less than 2,000 a day. Dr. get paid from about 250k a month to about 350k a month. Now, less income from the 8k fewer appointments means no money to pay anyone. So, they are only open 2 days a week; many layoffs; and those few who are working only work 20 paid hours a week. Unless you are in IT ( my wife). She has to keep working 60 hours a week and get paid for 20. But now she can work from home and only go in one day a week.


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Thank you for the update, Conrad, I'd love to see an update in about 3 weeks time? That's because we are seeing the same thing from friends who work in medical fields in the UK and Ireland.

But then in London for example, it went almost overnight from nothing to battlefield conditions and overcrowding in about 48 to 72 hours.

Our doctor friend who works for the NHS in a regional hospital said right now his work is quiet but based on what his colleagues in London are seeing he feels it is: The Calm before the storm.

There was a similar report from a Doctor in Spain or Italy a couple of months ago.

I do understand why "economically" hospitals are having these issues but that is also part of the problem when all the health care comes down to an economic bottom line rather than public health.

At least the folks we know in the UK were not laid off before the crowds flooded in.

I hope your area does stay quiet and that one of the drugs or other solutions starts working before everything is flooded!