Misc do you where a mask?


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this is what happens when work makes ya wear a mask-or any place really.
how ya like me now.
freaking funny.


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Wear, not where.

Damn, I am acting like Dennis! LoL!

I where one (hee hee) at work in the medical field, because they pay me, and I kinda like my job (and eating).

Otherwise, NOPE except at our l9cal grocery, but only because I'm likely to run into patients. And I where it wrong on purpose then.

Every wear else, HELL NO.


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I have not seen a masked woman yet, I'd want to steal a kiss from...

I wear a shield of clear plastic, mounted to an eye-glass frame, at one place only. The plastic is trimmed below the lens sockets, with a 1.75" strip in front of my nose and mouth. I just haven't taken the time to trim it any more.


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Only to buy groceries or to walk to a table in a restaurant. I forget half the time that I need to wear one and only remember when people give me the stink-eye.


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No, and I won't patronize businesses that mandate one.
That was my attitude until the government here in Canuck-commie-land requires it everywhere indoors. :(
Before the "rules", you could tell which store owners were stupid - now no longer
I do feel sorry for businesses that have been mandated to put up useless glass screens at the tills but still let you walk around the store - dumb ass government WHO sheep

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I don't particularly like wearing a medical mask.... except when it's really cold outside! :)

I'm not totally against it like others have grown to be over time....... but, I was wearing a mask WAY before this "covid thing" ever started---and I was wearing it for medical reasons unrelated to covid.

It's almost funny, looking back on when covid first made the news, of how some people came up to me and questioned me about the mask (some with panic on their faces) and others acting like I have the plague.

How things have changed!


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Wear them where I have to.

I internet order/pick up most of my groceries at Meijer's and Wally World and most other things same at Farm & Fleet and don't need masks. We don't do a lot of eating out normally, but have gone through drive ups or curb side pick up a couple of times a month as well unmasked. When family comes over none of us mask up.

Only actually go in to the local Grocery once or twice a month and wear one there as well at my scheduled lab tests, Doctor and dentist appointments.

As much as I dislike them, I wear them where I have to.


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Rarely, such as when required at dr office or flying.

I’m in North Pole and went to a branch of my gym this morning to run, spin and lift all the things - NO one had a mask. In fact, they added more bikes to the spin class so even the distancing is changing. I think everyone in North Pole was at the gym because it was crowded! Tons of snow too so the parking lot was ‘fun’.

I forgot we were supposed to do differently.....except the front desk folks do ask all the questions about symptoms and take your temp at the door. After that, business as usual.
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LOL--my first thought was... that's snot very funny... But yeah, it is! (Don't worry, I'm okay. I crack myself up.)

Yesterday I went to my super-duper center for groceries. Even though the sign outside the store said masks were strongly recommended, then the sign on the store sliding door said masks were mandatory, I went in without a mask and was darn proud as I always am, but I was really happy that probably 2/3 of all shoppers were there without masks, so YAY! Arkansas is doing what we want to do and when we want to do it. :eleph: