CHAT Do You Procrastinate?


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Had an instructor in college give us an assignment to write about "why I didn't commit suicide today". I thought about it for a long time and just could not get started on the project. The more I thought the more I realized that I really couldn't answer the question properly. I kept finding all the reasons why I really should have given up and done the deed which just depressed me more and wasn't getting the assignment done. So that is what I wrote about, all the really good reasons I had to commit suicide today and all the details. So the ending came down to; since I had plenty of really good reasons, the only reason I didn't was because I just couldn't get around to it today, so I put it off till tomorrow.

I don't remember what grade I got on the assignment but I do remember that the instructor was not happy with me.

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Ya know that one task that you dread doing, so you put it off, put it off, and put it off? Then, when you finally buckle down to it, it takes FIFTEEN MINUTES. Yeah, that is me, the procrastinator. I finally got all my papers together for the tax accountant, and TURNED THEM IN!
Yay me?
(Just on my taxes!)
I had an appointment with H&R Block yesterday, an appointment that I made weeks ago. Yet, I spent those weeks waiting until I felt "rested enough to do a good job" of getting the tax documents together. In the end, I was only able to pull them together at the end of the day the night before. It would have been on the same day, but the appointment was for right after work, so I had to have the documents with me when I left for work in the morning.

Getting those documents together was the work of just a few minutes. Yet, every year, it hangs over my head like the sword of Damocles until the very last minute.


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My Husband's nickname is Sir Procrastalot.

Yeah, its a problem - a HUGE problem in every facet of life for him

I'm the exact opposite. Do what you need to do first, then you have plenty of time to do what you want to do with nothing hanging over your head.


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Coulter - Yeah I didn't understand that my dads sister, and her daughter, were malignant narcissists until I was talking with a friend who has a lot of experience counseling people who are the victims of this type of abuse. I no longer talk to those two people and haven't done so for almost four years now. They are horrible vicious human beings, and that's as nice as I can be.


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I admit to procrastination....but I'm a late bloomer and got 2 University Degrees in the late 90s and early 2000s....I always waited till the last minute to complete assignments...I had a 3.66 GPA so I work best under pressure...should have worked for a newspaper...LOL


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Usually when I do that, it means my subconscious is working on something.
There is some problem or issue that needs to be worked out.


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It is very important to pace yourself. Do not rush into a task until you feel that the correct circumstances mandate that it is the correct time to accomplish the task.


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It’s a matter of priority’s, they change constantly.....with the end of the age thrown in, its hard to Determine the order of things.....let alone invest time and money into something that could be a waste in short order.......

know what I mean.


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Only when I have to pay somebody back. Then, I'll pay them next Tuesday.

you know, "why yes it's Tuesday and I said I'd pay you back next Tuesday. And I most certainly will. Next Tuesday."

Technically, that's not really procrastination, is it?


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I procrastinate on taxes for sure, I detest doing them.

I do not procrastinate when it affects real world people relying on me or things I've committed to do.

I do procrastinate when it only affects me, such as cleaning up my shop

I do not procrastinate on vehile maintenance or things that cost me money

I do procrastinate on honey do lists