Vaccines Differences in types of immunity... why is mRNA different?


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Hey gang,
I’m having a discussion with someone whose husband is working on the Moderna team which developed their vaccine. I had shared a PuMed article about the need for informed consent with trial subjects because of the risk of ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement). Do any of you know of papers (or equivalent) that address the spike protein caused by the mRNA? My understanding is that in normal vaccines (or natural immunity from getting it) the pathogen is cleared from the body but the “memory” remains so that if challenged later your body mounts a full response because it “remembers” it. But my understanding of the mRNA tech is that your cells (all of them? Or just immune cells?) now present with the Spike protein & that protein never goes away (when the cell replicates the spike protein on outside of cell also replicates). Can someone help my understanding? She is baffled that I correctly described the ways immunity is achieved but think the mRNA vax can cause things like ADE or autoimmune diseases. Any help would be appreciated.


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Russia and China know the answer, but they won't explain any of it to us. They are the ones that actually developed these over many years, and all of the vax companies are tied to them. The end game is not pretty.