DEEP STATE Dems Introduce Bill To Ban Trump From Entering US Capitol Forever


Faithful Steed
Continuation of the Presidential Primaries.

Trying to "out-left" the presidential competition.

Now they're trying to out-do themselves.

Democrats Craft Bill outlawing mentioning Trump's Name

He who must not be named, literally, legally, formally, and with severe prejudice should it happen.

He will heretofore be referred to as "that bad orange man" for short and "racist, White supremacist, xenophobic, terroristic, misogynistic, homophobic, agorophobic, xanthophobic, photophobic, coulrophobic, equinophobic, koumpounophobia twice impeached FORMER President" in all formal communication. A secondary sheet of additional approved descriptors is attached to this sheet for reference by media interface.

Democrats insist they exhibit no symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, insist that term is spurious, debunked, and discredited long ago, a position which is confirmed by the House Committee on Propaganda and the Ministry of Truth - and the Media themselves


Faithful Steed
This report just in: House Democrats sponsor bill to outlaw the color "Orange" because of its association to the Bad Orange Man.

Henceforth, all fruit formerly known as "oranges" will be referred to as "squishy grapefruit" or "Concentrate source stock." Referring to this fruit by the former name will result in the loss of THREE Social Credit Points per violation.



Has No Life - Lives on TB
I'm of the opinion that getting work done is the last thing CONgress ever wants to do.

After all, if they actually solved anything then they'd be out of a job.

This way, they get to keep their salaries, incredible health care and all the perks as well as access to graft and under the table $$$ for their lifetime.

In fact, I read recently that Dianne Frankenfinestien submitted her paperwork to run for another term. She'll be 91 on that election day.

As to the left and their ability to completely screw over everything...

...I'm in California. I'm a native Californian and I love my home state but I'm about to bail and move to a red state to live like I did when I was younger. Free.

The left is winning. Don't fool yourself that they can't destroy everything we love.