CORP/BIZ CVS, Walgreens temporarily close some stores amid omicron-related staffing shortages


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Major U.S. pharmacies are being forced to adjust store hours to combat staffing shortages caused by the recent surge in coronavirus cases around the nation.

CVS said a "small number" of stores around the country will temporarily close on one or both days of the weekend amid the "workforce shortage affecting nearly every industry and company."

The company didn't specify the number of stores impacted or where they are located. However, CVS noted that it "remains a fluid situation on a case-by-case basis based on staffing availability." The "vast majority" of its stores are still operating under normal weekend hours, the company told FOX Business.


Customers walk by products locked in security cabinets at a Walgreens store that is set to be closed in the coming weeks on Oct. 13, 2021 in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images / Getty Images)
Rival Walgreens found itself in the same boat.

The surge in cases, driven by the omicron variant, has forced the company to adjust operating hours or temporarily close a limited number of stores.

However, the Illinois-based company told FOX Business that the vast majority of its stores are still operating under normal hours.

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"This latest COVID-19 surge is placing a significant strain on several industries in the short-term and driving demand for services and products unlike anything seen before," the company said in a statement. "We’re going through this with our communities and remain committed to providing the support needed to get past this surge."


A woman waits at the pharmacy counter at a CVS on Sunset Boulevard in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. (AP Photos/Stefanie Dazio / AP Newsroom)
When deciding what days to close, Walgreens said it picks days when there is the lowest prescription demand. The company also works to ensure that there will be a nearby pharmacy to "meet any immediate prescription needs."

During a closure, Walgreens says it will "direct some pharmacy services to the nearest Walgreens."

However, this comes as the latest blow for pharmacies that have already been squeezed by the rush of customers seeking vaccines or tests.

Drugstores are normally busy this time of year with flu shots and other vaccines, but now pharmacists are doling out a growing number of COVID-19 shots and giving coronavirus tests as the highly contagious variant upends every industry two years into the pandemic.


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At the local Walmart the sick outs have gotten so bad they are now closing whole departments and moving the remaining employees to other departments in order to keep them open.

From what she last told me the following were closing this week.

Automotive would work only 4 hours daily and then close
Bakery would close
Deli would close
Hardware would close
Sports would close the hunting counter.


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My DD was sick the first of the week was told by CVS, Walgreens, appointment for virus test would have to be Friday they didn’t have any.


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Do places like Walgreens have to fire people for no vaccines? People pay for prescriptions with Medicaid and Medicare.


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Yep! This is why I prep. I never thought I'd be living in freakin' Russia.

Oh, and thank goodness HyVee is dedicated to staying open until midnight and has light bulbs and a few other basic supplies. They've saved several of my neighbors when Mr. Murphy visited.

They close at 11pm here, I think, I'll have to check their website. The one on the west side of town may stay open later though.


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Hope everyone keeps as much of their prescription meds on hand as possible! Refill as early as you are allowed.

Including pet prescriptions!

Fyi, if your pet is on a prescription diet, we are having difficulty getting certain brands/types in again, so keep up with those as well.


My local CVS (central Utah) has closed the drive-thru due to staffing shortages, but you can still go inside to pick up meds. Interesting times . . . .


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Ours has had hours cut back, also delays filling prescriptions.
Same here. They close for lunch breaks which I think is ok.
Doctor told me their computers are so overwhelmed with scripts coming in, the system overrides for a bit to let them get caught up with their orders.
That’s why, if you know for sure your Dr has called Rx in but CVS said it’s not there, it’s the system doing it.
I had that happen last week trying to get DH antibiotics.
Went right back over saying he has pneumonia and I NEED THAT IMMEDIATELY....then the Rx appeared.


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True, but not all areas are full of criminals.

I would rather see some of the CVS/Walgreen stores that are closing early try to open a little later and then stay open until 7 or 8 pm so people getting off work at 5 or 6 have a chance to pick up meds.


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I don't know why all these stores don't just switch to all-curbside service. It would be a lot slower, but they'd need less staff and there would be less shoplifting, one would hope. Better than just shutting down.


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Saw this here in central Oklahoma just today
Walgreens doors closed sign on door says only drive through available


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I am going to go for groceries in the Mennonite store tomorrow only. They will be open I am sure. They normally do close early every day tho and Saturday is at 6. There’s always seems to be two times as many workers than needed. Forever tidying and refilling items. Plus it’s out in the sticks, so lower traffic. I am hankering for some pork chops with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes.


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We were told today at Wally World that tire and lube were going to be closed again for however long corporate decided. The words they used were “ an undetermined amount of time “. Covid getting the blame.


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I was at CVS today in Durant and the pharmacy was closed and the signs at the checkout stated new hours with everyday closing at 5 pm.



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Shouldn't our Covid numbers start decreasing soon?
That’s what I was praying to happen...Indiana was hit really HARD in December. I think the numbers are still bad though, as now there’s so many little kids sick spreading Covid like wildfire through the preschool/grade school age group.
A few friends of mine, as well as a coworker, have had to take their toddlers /babies to the hospital.