USA Corrupt Biden DOJ and FBI Are Now Arresting Any of the Tens of Thousands of Trump Supporters Who Were Standing HUNDREDS of Yards Away from US Capitol

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Gandi demanded his side be non violent. He had no illusions of the opposition remaining nonviolent. From the riots we've already witnessed? I don't expect it either.


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Or blow up their car if they think they finally found a parking space?

In the mall area; if a car even remotely smells fishy (and I do mean "smell") that car would be immediately pulled over and torn to pieces on the spot. You park it in any of the normal tourist parking areas on the mall and it would be torn apart even quicker than immediately. If it's high tech and ridiculously expensive; then that tech will be on the mall on the ellipse and at the puzzle palace.
So, if you do come to DC, please. Take LOTS of pictures in the touristy areas. Never know what you might see on those pictures.