Clothing Compliance laws


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Does anybody here sell items handmade and have to fill out compliance certificates? Like children clothes, burp rags, blankets, aprons? I have never seen such nonsense. I saw where these laws were changed I think in 2009. I have an Etsy Shop and I want to sell local maybe. I found out bibs cannot be made of flannel or terry cloth. They have to be tested for flammable material. I think I have the certificate thing figured out and labels. I have looked and looked for information on labels and finally just went to Walmart and took pictures of labels. Anybody here buy labels or use a stamp and have good ideas?


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One of the reasons why I do not make children's stuff for sale is because of those laws. I know why they did it. I understand it. But it has made things insane for the small person. Basically you will have to make sure that you get copies of "ingredients" for anything that you use. And there's a list of things that can't be used depending on the child's age. You will have to track each material from the point you purchased it to what you made with it and when it sold, and attach all the photos and records, etc. It is one of the reason why I decided not to do weighted blankets.
I think many people just say f' it and do what they want.