Celestial Comet NEOWISE!


Pura Vida in my garden
Got up at 4:30 this morning and received my reward at 5:10. Spotted the tail of the comet just above a line of trees. It was a beautiful site as it continued to rise. It was not naked eye visible, but with binoculars is was very clear and well defined. I hope to continue to watch it as it transitions to a night view next week.
Venus was magnificent In the eastern sky with Alderbaron shining right below. Jupiter was high in the western sky.


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Supposedly, I can see it if I look around big dipper, in the NW sky. I wasn't able to see it last night or this morning. It must be faint in the midwest. I remember Hale-Bopp. Man, that thing you could see even in a city. It was quite spectacular.


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I am having a hard time seeing it because I am so far south. Between evening thunderstorms and latitude, my attempts have gone unrewarded. If the weather holds, I will head to a beach and hopr to see it on the low horizon.


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The next few days will be the last chance to see this Comet.
At night fall look north at the Big Dipper and looking slightly southwest of the Big Dipper you should find this comet and binoculars will be helpful with getting a better look at it. You will not see the big double tail seen in many of the photos but using a camera on a tripod and zoom in some and with short time exposer it will reveal the long double tail.