Pandemic chinese woman spreading disease


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Not to put on my tinfoil hat but this is the kind of thing that really makes me wonder about deliberate biological warfare. This is beyond a prank, beyond ignorance, beyond an mild-mannered lack of consideration. A cop shoulda been called and while probably not an arrestable offense, some really hard questions should have been asked-in the comfort of the precinct.


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What a piece of dirt. It's likely that this event was recorded using a cell phone, but when the woman gets to where she's right in front of the camera, she looks up, but doesn't miss a beat with what she's doing. she was either too stupid to realize someone was recording what she was doing, or just didn't care.

While I'm certain it was a little of both, I'm leaning more towards the latter.


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I believe there were thousands from china that entered this country prior to Trump shuting down the air travel. A delivery system?
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If it is not an arrestable offense, it should be. This turns my stomach, that and the video on the other thread with the Chinese woman wiping her nose with tissue, and then wiping it all around on a bench:

These ain't ladies, they are terrorists.