COMMUNISM Chinese Censors Blur Western Brand Logos on TV Programs

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Chinese Censors Blur Western Brand Logos on TV Programs

Gabrielle Reyes3-4 minutes 4/7/2021

Chinese television shows have recently begun blurring the logos of Western retail brands when they happen to appear on TV stars’ clothing items, the BBC reported on Wednesday.

Recent episodes of the popular Chinese variety show Sisters Who Make Waves “now feature singers and actors who look like they are floating on clouds, thanks to their blurred-out shoes,” according to the BBC. The Chinese reality show Chuang 2021 recently featured some of its stars blurred from their shoulders down to their ankles, as they had worn both Western-branded shirts and pants.

The reality TV contest program Youth With You provided post-production editors with an especially tedious task last month after at least 50 of the show’s contestants wore T-shirts bearing Western logos.

“The production company behind the show, iQiyi, had issued a notice on 25 March saying that an upcoming episode had to be delayed, but did not give a reason,” the BBC reported. “Two days later, however, viewers immediately spotted that brand logos had been blurred on the t-shirts of more than 50 people.”

The United States, Britain, the European Union, and Canada jointly imposed sanctions on Chinese government officials on March 22 over their alleged human rights abuses in the Chinese territory of Xinjiang, which include forcing ethnic Uyghurs – a Sunni Muslim Turkic group – and other regional minorities to harvest cotton under slave labor conditions. Xinjiang serves as a Chinese frontier region along the country’s border with Central Asia.

China responded to the March 22 joint sanctions by imposing retaliatory sanctions on British government officials and institutions on March 26. Several foreign retailers that use Xinjiang cotton reacted to news of the sanctions by denouncing the region’s alleged slave labor conditions. The public outcry against Xinjiang cotton elicited additional responses by China’s ruling Communist Party on March 26, when party officials launched a targeted attack of foreign brands critical of Uyghur slave labor.

The Swedish fast-fashion giant H&M, which announced it would stop buying Xinjiang cotton in 2020, was among the first Western brands targeted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the aftermath of the March 22 sanctions. CCP officials practically erased H&M from China’s already heavily censored internet starting March 26.

In the nearly two weeks since then, additional Western clothing retailers have had their online shops blocked by CCP internet censors.

“Some of the brands embroiled in the controversy include Nike, Adidas, and Puma – all members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a non-profit group promoting sustainable cotton production,” the BBC reported on April 7. “The group said in October it had suspended activities in Xinjiang as well as licensing of the region’s cotton, citing allegations and ‘increasing risks’ of forced labor.”


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Well, if you’re making your people happy that’s all that matters. /s

I fail to see how the CCP can even imagine this will work. What’s the first thing you get when you ban your older child from doing something? I will not even pretend to understand the authoritative/control approach. They should do it like they do here and simply let people BELIEVE they are free.

(Uh oh. I am sensing that it may be time to do the dishes. When you turn into a highly functional cynic, it’s best to do some work.)


Faithful Steed
Were they to leave the branding in your face and unmolested - it might "make America Great Again."

Yunno. Tyranny of the consumer. Populist choice of brand-name in the marketplace. Vote with your dollars.

And we can't have that.



Neither here nor there.
I think that there is more at play here than the slave/cotton story. Remember the ccp very rarely tells the truth.

Young asians love, love, love western clothing and goods. Cue in a royalty/licensing nightmare for the chinese controlled tv shows where Nike, etc., come in and say, love your new popular show... now pay us for using our brand in your show. The ccp is like "screw you we pay no one for using anything, you pay us instead" and demands the shows editors to blur out all of the major brands that are wanting payment for using their product as props in their tv show.

I think that may be the real reason for blurring out brand logos.

Dennis Olson

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Excuse me, but when did Jyna ever give a shit about paying licensing fees or following western law?

Your premise is completely wrong.

Dennis Olson

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No they won't. Not if they want to sell to Chinese consumers. Stop looking at this through western eyes.


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The Chinese Culture, by its very nature is dysfunctional (saving face), then add in so called Communism and it becomes a Mess.