TDS China Floods Facebook with Ads Blaming Trump for Chinese Virus

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China Floods Facebook with Ads Blaming Trump for Chinese Virus
Lucas Nolan
Chinese state media has been flooding Facebook and Instagram with undisclosed political ads blaming President Donald Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus. Facebook said in a statement that it was an “error” that the ads were not classified as political and is correcting them.
The Telegraph reports that Chinese state media has been posting undisclosed political ads to Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to downplay China’s role in the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and blaming President Donald Trump. Three Chinese state media outlets, Xinhua, China Central Television, and the Global Times, have targeted ads towards users across the world in English, Chinese, and Arabic.
The ads have reportedly been seen millions of times and extol China’s efforts to fight the coronavirus while downplaying the countries domestic outbreak. The articles portray President Trump as misguided and racist and suggest that the virus may have originated in the United States. “[China] has taken stringent and forceful measures, and turned the tide on coronavirus,” said one ad. Another states: “Trump’s disruption to China has severe consequences.”
All of the ads initially ran without a political disclaimer which allowed them to hide information about who the ads were targeting and where they originated from. Several of the articles focused on President Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus” to describe the coronavirus while others highlighted statements from Chinese president Xi Jinping.
The Telegraph reached out to Facebook about the ads, the social media network stated that it was an error that the ads were not classified as political and has since corrected the issue. A spokesperson also stated that many of the ads are running in countries where Facebook requires no disclosure making it difficult to determine how much more propaganda may have gone unnoticed on the site.
The Facebook spokesperson told the Telegraph that it was choosing to label media outlets instead of banning them because it prefers greater transparency, adding that all Facebook’s services must follow local laws and that those who violate its policies can be temporarily banned.
Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan or contact via secure email at the address



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Cuckerberg has a chinese wife and half and half kid/s? Any one who thinks it is coincidence is not using their brain.

We are absolutely stewing in foreign Influence and traitors in this nation.

Kathy in FL

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Amazing that they'll allow all of that advertising but will moderate and send you are warning when you try and post anti-hysteria articles and opinions.

I was told one more time and they would close my account. They apparently only want people posting cute animal stories and stories about whites acting like fools and racists.

I only sent things to my older relatives that wanted to hear what I had to say. I only have a small "friends list." So who did I offend? No one except their so-called algorithms.


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Farcebook is by proxy an OSINT arm of Chinese PLA intelligence. Farcebook has probably saved the ChiCom army billions of dollars in monies they would have spent on human intel.

Because people stupidly put every single detail of their lives there, looking for likes and discussion. To intel agencies FArcebook is a dream come true.


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I dunno, I think this just proves the chinese are tards.


They are not going to war with us. It doesn't matter which way they "game" it, they will lose, or everyone does.
But they(the Chinese virus people) are in NO POSITION to "Bring It!

Sorry, Too bad, so sad.
If Y'all had another decade with us under Hitlery, well then, maybe.



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The CIA could finally have something useful to do. Have them get on social media and make extreme anti China posts. Push the Idea that the virus escaped from their lab, and even worse.


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Interesting. We were flipping through the channels the other night and discovered the local PBS stations were running different programs about how good the chicom's are and how bad they had it in the past. All I see is a propaganda campaign during the height of the ChiCom BioBomb attack.

As far as the chicom's having it for today....awww, too bad so sad. Phuck not given. Matter of fact, for the chicom's, my give a phuck meter is about petered out, probably a loose spring in the interplantery gears holding the ventricular king pin stub's gotta be.


Neither here nor there.
The CIA could finally have something useful to do. Have them get on social media and make extreme anti China posts. Push the Idea that the virus escaped from their lab, and even worse.
Someone has been doing just that and within ten minutes or less the meme disappears.


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I see little doubt that war is coming. Somebody did this. Somebody will be told to pay. Everyone will deny, and counter with accusations. The posturing has been going on for quite sometime. Russia started it by saying America did it. Here we are now. Always getting ever closer... so will China hit us with another more deadly strain? Is it already in play? I'd guess that as the plan, then a simultaneous strike by Russia and China, splitting the spoils. I think oil will kick things off in the middle east, at which point it will escalate quickly around the world. Same players, same proxies, same bankers, or there sons.
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Not a growl about this from the usual sources yet they rant still about the Russians using Facebook in an attempt to sway the prior and coming election....WTF do you call what the CCP is doing other than that very same thing?


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Confucius say man who go though airport turnstile go to bangkok

Man who run behind car get exhausted

Man Who run in front of car get tired

Man who stuff money under mattress come into money.