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More background and history of Ball canning company. Problem of supply and demand. Video claims the company wasn't prepared for the amount of demand and had to out source. That didn't work well.

The video advises to make sure they are made in USA and have a red ring not white. There also seems to be a problem with gold color lids in pressure canners rusting after canning. More explanation in video.

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WHY Ball Canning LIDS and Jars are in SHORT Supply!
•Feb 24, 2021
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Why is the Ball lids and jars in short supply? Danny talks a little about the history of Ball company and what is causing the short supply of Ball lids and jars.
Link to source:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REkc6XVV2BI
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I've heard reports of gold lids rusting, lids where the sealant is all over the place, lids where sealant is loose like a separate piece, etc. I've seen pictures of newly purchased boxes where every jar had a serious flaw. Etc.
People are using Mainstay lids but I tried them a few seasons ago and had them buckle on the jars. They sealed, most ofnthem, but almost every lid had a buckle/wave in the metal. I used thise jars fast and never used the lids again.
It might also help to know that Jarden sold the canning branch of business a couple of years ago. The new holder has released a lot of new recipes but was probably nowhere near prepared for the sudden increase in demand.
Lids are starting to ahow back up. The info is filtering in to canning and homesteading groups. But prices have almost doubled.