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Ginger I think there are several. My most pressing question would be why you are asking and what are you trying to treat? Blood thinners can put you on dangerous ground if not monitored properly. If you can give more info I'm sure you can get a better answer.


Garlic. Gingko Biloba. Cayenne tincture (also dissolves blood clots, but interestingly, many people use the powder to STOP bleeding).

Any of the NSAID medications (ibuprofen, naproxyn, etc) have blood thinning properties. Ginger is a potent blood thinner, as is turmeric.

Many fruits and some vegetables contain salicylate- basically, the same active ingredient as aspirin.

Hubby takes NSAIDS, plus gingko biloba daily for pain and Reynaud's syndrome. He has to stop taking it at least a week before any scheduled surgery, because if he gets nicked or cut, he bleeds like a bugger for a few minutes.



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Can you be more specific in your question? It may help answer your question. If you are trying to find a replacement for warfarin, I have no idea what would work. Warfarin thins a certain aspect of the blood. There are herbs and medications that thin the blood, like garlic, aspirin, ginger, etc. but they I don't think they thin the same parts of blood, which is pretty complicated. I hope that a medical person or good herbalist can answer your question.


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I don't know how natural it is, but fish oil is a blood thinner. Also lots of leafy greens.

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Thanks for the replies. I was put on Eliquis by my cardiologist. It is the one medicine that I take that I don't have enough in back stock in case of an emergency. I take a 81 mg baby aspirin tablet each night along with Atorvastin. Like many of my fellow Timebombers I have done my research on these drugs and I'm not excited to be on them.I spoke with my cardiologist about not taking them after doing the research, but since I had a stroke which hit the back of my eye a year and a half ago and A-Fib he does not want me to go off these drugs.
My concern is not being able to get these drugs in what we call around here a s.h.t.f. situation. You can't just stop taking the blood thinner suddenly.