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Hey, thanks Fruit Loop!!

This is a really great idea. Hate paying full price, WallyWorld drove out our local retail stores - yep, I know - we've ALL Been There, Seen That and have the t-shirt...

I have a suggestion that might help as this thread grows. If we all try to put sale end dates on our posts with other sale references, we will be able to avoid some confusion and save some time, too!

Have some shopping to do at a nearby urban center soon and will be checking prices & sales online.

I'll report back in a few days what I've run across!!

(not in Canada :))

fruit loop


Check your local Food Lion. The stores have bins full of sale stuff. I picked up cans of Manwich Sauce at a buck each, ravioli was a dollar each, and Jif was 2 jars for $4, with 2011 expiration date.

More stuff that I didn't get...worth checkin' out.

fruit loop

May 1:

Food Lion had displays with Campbell's soups 10 cans for $10
Pudding in cups - 10 for $10

JoAnn Fabrics -
40% off any item (some exclusions apply: no custom services, irons, digital picture frames, sewing machines) coupon code for online shopping is DEP136

fruit loop


40% off original prices, plus extra 10% off sale prices, through Friday, May 22

Coupon code is WOW40.

fruit loop

JoAnn Stores

Caron one pound yarn - 5.49
50% off batting by the yard
40% off jewelry-making beads
50% off spring apparel fabrics
50% off home decor fabrics

40% off one regularly priced item coupon code DEP164

May 31-June 13


Fraudulent coupon alert!

I received several emails today (I guess they're making the rounds again)
with two PDF attachments.

One is a free 1 lb brick of Velveeta, the other a Free 50 sq ft roll of Reynolds wrap heavy duty aluminum foil.

No expiration dates.

These are fraudulent coupons. Do not use them.

I can provide links if necessary.



Free One-Day Sam's Club Pass- Copied per request.

Free One-Day Sam's Club Pass

Fill out the info, and a page pops up with the pass to print out.
Uncheck the box at the bottom if you don't want their emails!
Good from 6/3/09 - 9/30/09.
You have to show your driver's license when you use it; you take it to the Member Services Desk when you enter the store.
There is a 10% "fee", but if you shop carefully, you still save money.
Plus, they have food in #10 cans and plastic buckets that keep a long time.


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Oak Farms-1.50 off when you buy 1.75 QRT or larger Ice Cream AND 1 Gal milk, this brand is not available in my area. Good til 8/31/2011
BENGAY-3.00 off on any BENGAY PRODUCT except trail sizes good til 9/30/2011
Hillshire Farms- 1.00 off HILLSHIRE FARMS smoked Sausage when you buy any 2 ZATARAIN"S RICE MIXES good thru 9/04/2011

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This thread is a great idea. I hope others and myself can raise it to life.
Another member here suggested for coupons. Befrugal gives you a toolbar if you want it ( I do, and use it regularly) It has 5 different coupon businesses all posting, and you can go from one to the next, printing as many coupons as you need. This toolbar also has online coupons for restaurants, and weekly ads.


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