Planting August 2020 Planting and Chat Thread


Neither here nor there.


A good time to plant aboveground crops.
2nd - 3rd
Barren days, fine for killing plant pests.
4th - 6th
Excellent for any vine crops such as beans, peas, and cucumbers. Good days for transplanting. Favorable days for planting root crops.
7th - 8th
Neither plant nor sow on these barren days.
9th - 11th
Good days for transplanting. Root crops that can be planted now will yield well.
12th - 13th
Any seed planted now will tend to rot.
14th - 16th
Plant seedbeds and flower gardens. Good days for transplanting. Most favorable days for planting beets, onions, turnips, and other root crops.
17th - 20th
Best for killing weeds, briars, poison ivy, and other plant pests. Clear wood lots and fencerows.
21st - 22nd
Excellent for sowing grains, winter wheat, oats, and rye. Plant flowers. Good days for planting aboveground crops.
23rd - 24th
Plant seedbeds. Plant peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and other aboveground crops in southern Florida, California, and Texas. Extra good for leafy vegetables.
25th - 26th
Cut winter wood, do clearing and plowing, but no planting.
27th - 28th
A good time to plant aboveground crops.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
Good luck to you. Everything is behind here, the last frost took care of all most all of our fruit trees. Only one apple tree has apples on it and it was the one planted in the 1930's. But their only about half way grown. Of the 2 plum trees we have maybe a dozen plums. The temp. tonight is supposed to be 47 deg. F. We usually don't see these night temps until the last week of Aug. to beginning of Sept. I am still hoping for elderberries but they are just blooming.