Veg Aspabroc?? Anyone here grown it?


North to the Future
We had very, very few veg starts available in our local greenhouses this year - really happy this was the year I decided to try and do my own starts. But I did pick up A 6-pack of something I’d never seen before. It’s an asparagus/broccoli cross called aspabroc. The ladies at the greenhouse knew nothing about it, new to them too. But I like both and thought it’d be fun to try something new. Supposed to be entirely edible, a plus. They are all growing very well but with our extremely long days and lots of sun they all want to bolt before the little heads get much to them.

Just wondering if you all have tried it - maybe I will try another year in a more shady location. :) Here’s a pic of mine in the raised bed tonight:

Bonus pic of a couple of my potato tire towers. Way ahead of the game this year; this is what they usually look like in late July. Already have blossoms on many of them. The little guy in front is a late planting when I built the new bed in back of the barn: