;^) anyone know anything that will help with migrains?


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well over the last week, I been getting severe migrains, doc upped my blood pressure meds double. and added another pressure med, also eatin handfuls of Ibuprofin and Tylenol, had to stop watching any news on TV and no radio,

I do read a little here but not like I used to,

headache is in left temple, feels like I was hit hard with a hammer . or that its gonna blow out of my head, so far the meds, along with a dark quiet room, and try and take a nap. works, but I cant do anything or it starts back up

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I use Vicks vapo rub on spots that hurt and under my nose, I drink a coke, it has to be coke brand coke, take ibuprofen, and take a hot bath with Epsom salt. I'm sorry you have a migraine. They are not fun.


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im gettin 4 to 6 a day .

doing some Dr Pepper for caffine.

also doing the magnasium, for leg cramps, will try the others


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Pick up the AMINO ACID called TAURINE at your local healthfood store or do as I do and order it from Amazon....It will stop your migrains. I know from personal experience.

Additionally if you have high blood pressure, it will drop it 15-30 points in a matter of weeks.
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I have to take Exedrin Migraine at least 10 to 15 days out of each and every month. So, I'm sorry, migraines suck. I know I'm ruining my kidneys and liver but I can't stand the pain in my head. I'm going to try Taurine. It's available through Walmart online. Hope you get relief Shooter.

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Another vote for Exederin Migraine, the generic version works well also.

Sometimes people have food triggers which set them off, such as chocolate. Something to consider.


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We get them in our family. What's helped with us is avoiding the triggers as mentioned above. For us it's chocolate, cheese, and nuts...in some combination, and it doesn't have to be in the same meal/snack or even in the same day...seems to be cumulative over several days. Wine can also do it for some people.

Motrin and Coke also helps us. It has to be Coke, and the Coke needs to be caffeinated to help. There's apparently something in the Coke, I think it's a combo of the caffeine and phosphorus but not sure, and the extra sugar helps it charge into the bloodstream fast. We used to use the Excedrin Migraine, but it really began to worsen the stomach issues with the migraines so we stopped using it.

For us, if they're low pressure system-related (snow storms, big cold weather systems/hurricanes) those will also bring on the worst ones for us (aside from the food triggers).

The headache part for us is worse with the storm triggers. The food trigger ones will give us the greatest nausea/vomiting.

Migraines are miserable and can be very debilitating, as you know. Try to avoid the common food triggers and, beyond that, a specialist may be needed. DD tried Imitrix when it first came out, didn't do a darn thing. For ladies they'll often get better after menopause, but that's a long time to wait for relief.

Prayers for you, these things are a bear.

ETA: I should mention that there are a few restaurants that I've always gotten a migraine from after I've eaten their food. One is a leading pizza chain. I'm guessing it's a food enhancer (like MSG), but honestly not sure. Needless to say, I don't eat there any more.


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Bet that you could get some special mushrooms from Oregon. At least some spores, legally. Then grow your own.

It works! But you can't drive heavy equipment after doses.


Try an elimination diet. I would get rid of all sodas. Coffee will give me headaches if I drink it all day. Chocolate (the real stuff, not the cheap dollar store candy) will give me intense, moaning level migraines, and it effects my vision. Suspect stevia also causes headaches, and it is now avoided.

Sorry to read about your pain...I know what that can be like. Ugh!
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Sometimes people have food triggers which set them off, such as chocolate. Something to consider.
I too, used to have migraines-- in fact, I had them every week for several years. I found out that the Splenda (sweetener), which I used in my tea everyday was the cause. I've cut out that sweetener and now use stevia and haven't had any more migraines since ----other then a couple times where I deliberately used Splenda as a test to confirm whether it "truely" was a trigger or not (It was!).
As a side note, a friend of mine swears by the use of 5-HTP in helping her with her migraines.


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I haven't tried it, but feverfew is supposed to work very well for migraines. Google it, there is research on it.


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What kind of migraine? If it is a Cluster Migraine, I can give you some tips.
Some of the characteristics of a cluster migraine
1. They are like clockwork. They will occur at the same time of day. For example, If you get one at 9AM, then you will get one at 9AM everyday.
2. The come on almost instantaneously. You can be talking and between words it will go from nothing to full on.
3. I started keeping a log and found that they were actually very short lived - 5, 10, 20 minutes - worst 20 minutes of your life.
4. Affect one side of your head. Mine were always right behind my eyeball.
5. There is no sitting in a dark room. No one can sit still with these unless you are exhausted.
6. On of the few headaches that will wake you from a sound sleep

There used to be a forum clusterheadaches.com

If it sounds like this I can give some other tips


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Many years ago, I started getting headaches every day. I had two acupuncture treatments and they stopped. For people who don’t like needles, moksha (mugwort) cigars and special lights are just as effective.


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I used to get severe migraines at least 2x per week. They would incapacitate me for at least a day and sometimes 2. The key for me is magnesium, and staying away from any fermented or aged food. I know you said that you're taking magnesium, but you may not be getting enough, or the right kind. I would try staying away from fermented foods, including yogurt and kefir, and upping your magnesium a bit until your bowels cannot tolerate any higher dose...which takes a little experimentation. Praying you get some relief.


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Exederin Migraine or aspirin washed down with black coffee.
Always drink plenty of water. Wear sunglasses, even inside if it is bright.
Lay down in a darkened quiet room with your eyes shut.
Good luck. I've had them for countless years. I very seldom take anything for the pain anymore.


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I am betting it's stress triggered. I get them so much I use John deere Girls remedy. But your Dr should do some testing also. Massages help lower stress levels. Sending prayers they suck