Misc Anyone else missing Hefty Scrap bags for kitchen waste, too?

Michiana MaJo

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For years, I've used the small Hefty Scrap bags which I place in a round plastic container, for kitchen waste.

I'm on my last box, only to find, when trying to order from Amazon, that the piddly few remaining are now very high priced!

I tried elsewhere, online, as well, but the company must have decided to stop making them.

So, do any of you use something else? I don't really want one of those gallon recepticals I see in catalogs. I'd like to know of some kind of smallish bag that would fit my container and not cost an arm and a leg. (The green bags to store produce are too pricey.)


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I just have a ss canister with a tight lid that I use to collect compost, but since I have dogs, cats, chickens, and goats, I really have very little for the compost bin, at least from the kitchen. If I was going to line my container, I would just use the plastic grocery bags.



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I never used the compost bags. I just throw everything into a bowl that can go into the dishwasher. But I did use Ziploc Perfect Portion bags. They are just little plastic bags that you could stick your hand into and pick up whatever meat you wanted, turn the bag inside out (so meat was inside), roll it up and stick it into a larger, labeled freezer bag. I buy in bulk but generally it's just me and hubby for meals. But once in a while, one or more of the kids will show up. So I could take out the exact number of chicken breasts (or whatever) to eat. My hand stayed clean so there was no cross contamination. It was very convenient and easy. I got on line to try and order some more and lo and behold, they quit making them! There were a number of very disappointed customers. I still proportion my meats in small portions but now it's more of a process. Easiest to us is Glad Press and Seal, so look for that product to be discontinued.