TECH Anybody else using the Brave browser???


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Yes, highly recommend it for PC and mobile devices. Earning the BAT crypto for free is nice too lol


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I've been using it on my phone for a year, or so.

The only thing I've encountered is operator error. I sometimes forget to close off sites I surfed. No biggie really, but it uses some battery power unnecessarily.


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Been using it for several months and it's been smooth all the way. Best option for average users like me to have a little more secure browser.


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Won't work on my laptop, but have been using it on phone... Better that than admitting defeat to goog and micro...

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I've been using it on our home computers and my phones for years now. Very fast and seems secure. I like it.


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Yup, I started using it early last year, hubby finally switched and started using it on his laptop. He
found it was much faster. And I switched my kids computer to is as well.


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I've been using it on both my phone and my laptop for several years....I wouldn't use any other browser, period.

Brave Rewards is something you have to go looking for...there are no ads of any kind within the browser itself.
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Been using it for a while now. Works fine and beats the others as all of them have gone downhill.

At some point they'll (tptb) will get their claws on it and ruin it as well.


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Been using it for about a year. I like it.
I never bother cashing in the rewards.
but if a connection is made with directions,
I would donate it to TB.


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It is my favorite.
You can use a VPN extension in Brave so that all Brave traffic goes thru VPN, but other traffic does not - which gives some interesting options.

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Been using Brave for quite a while on the MacBook. I love going to sites that have a note to please stop using an ad blocker... I just knock it down & continue. Also like the fact that I can view youtube videos and never see an ad, unless it is included in the content from the video maker.