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It is tax time again this year. I am going to remind everyone who is 65 and older who lives in the formerly Great State of Georgia (sorry Trump we failed) that there are special property tax deductions if you can meet income limits. I understand that this law applies to all the counties in the state, but each county sets its own income limit. So check with the local tax office for those limits.

For this example I will provide the rules from Glynn County GA

Homeowners who are 65 years of age (proof of age required) or older on January1, and whose income together with the income of the spouse does not exceed $40,000 for the immediately preceding year may claim an additional exemption from School Ad valorem tax. ***Please phone the office for special requirements (912) 554.7000.

In Glynn County, we are to use the Georgia tax return line 10 to show the Georgia taxable income. It is not your federal income tax that matters in this case.

If you exercise the deduction, you can eliminate 2/3 of your property taxes in the county.

It is my understanding that McIntosh county has a $25,000 limit on income.

So check your area for the rules. Hope this helps.


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Good on you to post about this, 20Gauge! I'm in TX but there's plenty of Georgians here on the board.


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That is correct, but Georgia is the only one where I have specific information.

So do check your state for the same or similar


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Not in Muscogee county, we're consolidated woo, woo. They don't give seniors a break on anything plus we have a school board that is totally out of control and over half of our property taxes go to them.

I should have left this crappy place years ago now I'm too old.

Jeff B.

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I find 20’s observations and comments very useful as it’s possible we’ll end up in Glynn County.

The wife has drawn close to her sister and other kin as time has gone on.

Jeff B.


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I just found a 3rd client who could use this exemption.

They are on their way to the Tax Commissioner's office as I write this.

They are going to save $ 1085 per year.

They must hate me at the tax